Growing up there were no strength and conditioning gyms near me that that provided a true training experience.

Commercial gyms were everywhere, but the atmosphere in the standard commercial gym is soul-draining.

The only strength and conditioning gyms that were near me was at college.  And we did not have any access to those gyms when the semesters would end.

One of my dreams was to open a strength and conditioning gym that catered to athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts.  I wanted the atmosphere of the gym to be competitive.

In January 2017, after years of hard work, that dream became a reality.  I opened my first gym.

The Fitman Performance Center is the Philadelphia area’s premier facility specializing in developing athletes of all levels.

We train athletes in multiple sports ranging from:

• Track and Field (Sprinters)
• Football
• Baseball
• Basketball
• Soccer
• Lacrosse
• And any other sport that requires increased speed, strength, power, and conditioning.

We also train and coach contest prep for physique athletes who compete in:

• Bodybuilding
• Figure
• Bikini
• Physique

The Center is also the training home of the 2019 Ms. Natural Philadelphia, Johanna Blume.

What You Can Expect At The Center

At The Center, athletes will see marked improvements in their speed, strength, athletic performance, physique, and character using our unique strength and conditioning program.

With that said, The Center is not for everybody.  Let me explain.

To be the best in your given sport you have to be willing to do what average athletes are not willing to do.

Sacrifice, pain, and struggle is a part of the process to reach the glorious mountaintop.  No one who has ever reached the top has ever made it there without setbacks.

Our program requires commitment from the athletes that we train.  The level of accountability we have The Center always weeds out the weak and undisciplined.

If you want to become a better athlete and elevate your game, please fill out the appropriate application below.

I will personally review all applications.  If you are accepted we would love to have you train at The Fitman Performance Center.

Application For Athletes
Application For Bodybuilding/Figure

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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