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I went on a mission to find my track meet results in the meets that I competed in from my senior year in high school to my 4th year in college.

This era lasted from 2000-2005, and honestly I never reached my maximum potential as youth in many cases is wasted on the young.  The other problem with the results from that era is that I could barely find anything!  Finding official meet results from my high school and collegiate career is extremely difficult.  I did not win any major meets, so I was not good enough to be recorded.  Also, in that time period, the recording of statistics was not as advanced as it is today. 

I ran track in grade school and was actually one of the top 3 fastest kids in Abington.  Once I got to middle school, I lost focus on track and transformed into the stereotypical video game playing bum.  I also got cut from the basketball team twice.

I got back into the track game late, as I only ran the outdoor season of my senior year in high school.  Football season was a total disaster, and I decided to go back to what I was actually good at during my youth.  I remember missing districts in the 300-meter hurdles by .01.  I also remember getting obliterated at almost every meet as an unprepared freshman in college at East Stroudsburg University.

I also remember an injury-plagued campaign at West Chester University from 2003-2005.  Pictures from this era would be nice, but smartphones with cameras were not as mainstream as they are today.  I also was not good enough of an athlete for people to want to take pictures of me.

The Comeback

In 2017, when I ran at Lehigh, the times of the races were being live-streamed right to the website while the meet was happening.  This never happened in 2001, and it made me feel like a dinosaur.  The internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s was completely different from what it is today.  Today, athletes can look up their stats on their phones during the competition.

Many athletic programs are also tracking stats on their websites, so athletes have 100 percent access to their performances.  While I do not have access to all of the results of the meets from that past era, I do have access to the results of every meet I have competed in since I returned to the track game after a 10-year layoff in 2015.  You can Google all the meets by name to get the full results.

In 2015 and even into 2016, I was still straddling the fence with natural bodybuilding.  This led to some very poor performances on the track and in July 2016 natural bodybuilding finally took a backseat to the track game.  You cannot serve two masters and expect to maximize your gains in either activity.  Once I dedicated my training back to the sprint game, my performances took off.

Although I’m not in my late teens or early 20s, my second act in the track game has been a phenomenal experience so far.  I was told by many people that I was “past my prime” but my track meet results below show that I can hold my own.

If you want something, you have to be totally committed to it.

Fastest training PR’s since 2015 and best lifts since 2013

* track PRs are timed electronically with the Freelap Timing System
* add .24 for reaction time for an official estimate as you still go off your own movement with Freelap

Sprinting PR’s in Training

10m: 1.82 (2019)
30m: 4.13 (2017)
60m: 7.51 (2019)
100m: 11.80 (2017)
150m: 17.67 (2017)
200m: 25.33 (2017)


10m fly: 1.00 (2017)
30m fly: 3.12 (2017)


Standing Vertical Jump: 33.5 inches (2018)
Maximum Vertical Jump: 36.5 inches (2018, 2020)
Broad Jump: 9ft 4.25in (2020)
Run-Up Hurdle Hop: 50 inches (2018)

Lifting PR’s

Barbell Hip Thrust: 669.5lbs x 1 (2015)
465lbs x 1 (2014)
RDL: 365lbs x 6 (2022)
335lbs x 1 (2012)
Bench Press:
260lbs x 1 (2012)
Barbell Reverse Lunges: 275lbs x 13 (2023)
Bulgarian Split Squat:
245 x 5 (each leg) (2023)
Weighted Dip:
140lbs x 1 (2015)
Weighted Pull-Up:
100lbs x 1 (2015)

2015 Outdoor (Age 31)

Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #2 (7/14/15)
100m: 11.91

2016 Outdoor (Age 32)

Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #1 (6/14/16)
100m: 12.64
200m: 25.03
Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #2 (6/21/16)
100m: 12.13
200m: 25.33
Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #3 (7/5/16)
100m: 12.03
200m: 24.66
Phoenixville Summer Twilight Meet #3 (7/23/16)
100m: 11.74
200m: 24.18

Season’s Best
100m: 11.74

200m 24.18

2017 Outdoor (Age 33)

Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #1 (6/20/17)
100m: 12.01
200m: 24.03 (1st in heat)
Phoenixville Summer Twilight Meet #1 (6/24/17)
100m: 11.68
200m: 23.78 (post age 30 PR)
Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #2 (6/27/17)
100m: 12.13
200m: 24.46
Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #3 (7/11/17)
100m: 11.77
200m: 24.25
Phoenixville Summer Twilight Meet #2 (7/15/17)
100m: 11.68
200m: 23.85
Phoenixville Summer Twilight Meet #3 (7/29/17)
100m: 11.57 (post age 30 PR)
200m: 23.90 (1st in heat)

Season’s Best
100m: 11.57
200m: 23.78

2017-2018 Indoor (Age 34)

Lehigh Season Opener (12/1/17)
60m: 7.62
200m: 25.38
Lehigh Fast Times Before Finals (12/9/17)
60m: 7.62
200m: 25.52
Ursinus Collegeville Classic (1/20/18)
60m: 7.61 (post age 30 PR)

USATF Indoor Masters Nationals (age 30-34) (3/17/18)
60m: 7.69 (grade 2 hamstring tear)
-qualified for finals but DNR due to injury

2018 Outdoor
Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #1 (6/19/18)
100m: 11.84
Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #3 (7/10/18)
100m: 11.95 (aggravated grade 2 hamstring tear, season ending injury)

2019 Outdoor
Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #2 (6/25/19)
100m: 12.15
Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #3 (7/2/19)
100m: 11.91
Germantown Academy All Comers Meet #4 (7/9/19)
100m: 12.08
Phoenixville Summer Twilight Meet #1 (7/13/19)
100m: 11.95

200m: 25.34
Henderson All Comers Meet #3 (7/24/19)
100m: 12.11

200m: 25.13
Phoenixville Summer Twilight Meet #2 (7/27/19)
100m: 12.34

200m: 25.96

I struggled badly in 2019 because I suffered a grade 2 high hamstring tear in my other leg during the fall of 2018 while in training.

My comeback to the track game had been going so well, but back to back hamstring tears changed that narrative.  Injuries and setbacks are a part of the game.  The challenge aspect of returning to form after an injury excites me.  It stinks being injured, but without a challenge, an athlete might as well be retired.

Most people will also count you out at this point.  How you come back from an injury is what defines your character, not the actual injury itself.  I’ll absolutely be back in competitive masters’ track.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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