Men’s Health Next Top Trainer 2014

men's health next top trainer

In 2014 Men’s Health magazine held a competition known as Next Top Trainer. This competition was created to determine who was the best trainer in America.

My nerves were bad leading up to the live audition but I felt confident going into it.

I was actually the first of all the live auditions on that day. My presentation garnered enough praise from the judges that I was selected into the top 8!

Being selected as a finalist was a great honor. While I was unable to secure the title of America’s Top Trainer in 2014, I had a great experience learning from a few of the best minds in the fitness game. Check out the casting call and my interview with Men’s Health magazine below.

Next Top Trainer 2015

In 2015, I entered the competition again. I don’t like to lose.

The live audition took place in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is about a 7 to 8-hour drive from Philadelphia but when you are chasing dreams, distance does not matter.

The pressure this time was different as I would not be able to rely on last year’s performance to carry me over the top. This time around would require me to be even sharper with my presentation.

The judges definitely held me to a higher standard but I was able to qualify for the second straight year in a row. Only I and my good friend Kevin Mullins have this distinction.

To be selected to the elite 8 in back to back years shows the value of hard work, consistency, and patience. I was unable to bring home the title of America’s Top Trainer, but I was able to improve from an uninspiring 7th place to a hard-fought 4th place.

The overall process was a phenomenal learning experience and I have to thank Men’s Health for the opportunity to showcase my training acumen. It was humbling to know that what I am doing has an impact on the industry and that a publication as big as Men’s Health took notice.

You can check out the casting call and episodes from season 2 below: