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If you’re getting ready to book appointments with me at The Fitman Performance & Physique Center, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

1) Hydrate

Make sure you drink plenty of water before your session.  Staying hydrated will help you perform better, avoid cramping, and reduce your risk of injury.

2) Eat

Eat a proper pre-workout meal about 1-2 hours before your session.  It will take some trial and error to determine your ideal time frame for consuming your pre-workout meal.  You will want to consume a meal that’s moderate to high in protein and carbs to prevent muscle breakdown (protein) and give you the energy (carbs) needed to train with intensity.

This meal should be lower in fat, as fat slows digestion a bit and it is not the energy source used for lifting weights or sprinting.

3) Communicate with Fitman

Let me know about any injuries or health issues you may have.  I will adjust the workout accordingly to ensure your safety and help you reach your goals without compromising your body.

Remember to accept the fact that success requires struggle.  You have attainable goals and I’m here to help you reach them.  But it will require hard work and giving a consistent, quality effort over time.  When you are working with me, you are working with an honest, certified fitness professional who has no time to sell you snake oil.

4) Learn More About Fitman

You can check out some of the links I’ve provided below to help you learn more about me and my career.

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2009 and bring a dearth of experience, knowledge, wisdom, and most importantly the ability to get you into phenomenal shape if you are willing to fully commit to my program.  Half-effort gets half-results and that’s not why you sought me out.

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