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2nd Edition Coming Soon!

Use Speed To Get Lean!
The Sprinting Handbook For Lifters.
(2nd Edition)

Includes Full eBook, Training Programs, Nutrition Guide, and Video Exercises Demonstrations.  This product is a digital download.


Do you consider yourself a lifter or trainee who’d like to develop a phenomenal physique? 

Do you want build serious muscle, drop unwanted body fat, and boost your confidence through the roof?

Would you like to do it without wasting your precious time on traditional “cardio” machines and other machine workouts that feel so uninspiring?

If you want to get that lean, ripped, and athletic body, it’s time you step your game up and train like an athlete.

What you will discover with my eBook is how to use the power of sprinting workouts for fat loss along with specific lifting workouts and a simple nutrition system.

There are no big secrets and there is NO fake hustle.  The time to unleash your inner greatness is now.

Fitman is my name and developing sprinting workouts for fat loss is my game!

Use Speed To Get Lean!
The Sprinting Handbook For Lifters.
(Additional Guides)


Includes 12-Week Training Programs and Video Exercise Demonstrations only.  If you purchased my eBook on Amazon, these items were not included in the Amazon version of my eBook.

This product is a digital download.

How To Build A Sprinter Body

Free Download

Consider this eBook to be the prequel to Use Speed To Get Lean.

What you must know is that building a lean, athletic sprinter body requires no treadmills, ellipticals, or any other boring, ineffective, machine-based “cardio”!

I will reveal the top 5 ways to build a sprinter body.  You will also receive a training program and a nutrition guide within the eBook.

Once you start to sprint, you will never go back to lame, soul-draining “cardio” ever again.

Note:  This eBook is a digital download.