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RP-21: 4 Day Workout Split For Serious Muscle

4 day workout split
The main reason that the majority of people begin to lift weights is that they are interested in making changes to their physique. They are uninterested in walking around and being either fat, skinny, and weak. They are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing all of their lack…

What Should You Eat Before A Workout

what should you eat before a workout
The key to having phenomenal workouts is definitely not an overpriced and non-effective “pre-workout” powder. The worst feeling in a lifter or trainees fitness journey is to train hard and frequently but then see an absolute lack of changes to your physique or with their performances. Obviously, a person who…

How To Carb Cycle To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

how to carb cycle
Using a carb cycle to lose fat and build muscle might be the most underrated dieting principle in the iron game. Carb cycling works exceptionally well when you run it right. When your goal is to build a worthy physique it must be done correctly or the final results will…

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