is an advocate of fitness and is the head performance coach and owner of The Fitman Performance Center in Roslyn, Pa located right outside of Philadelphia.

Accolades and Credentials

He has been nationally recognized in 2014 and 2015 as one of the top 8 personal trainers in America by Men’s Health magazine during the Next Top Trainer competition.

He is also certified as a performance enhancement specialist and a fitness nutrition specialist through the National Academy Of Sports Medicine.


He is the physique coach of Johanna Blume, who won the figure overall at the 2019 Ms. Natural Philadelphia.

The Ultimate Challenge

Fitman is the only human being to complete the Lunges of Death.


Fitman first began writing articles in 2010 but eventually started his own website, in 2013.  He covers topics such as training, nutrition, and self-improvement.


Fitman competed in college (2001-2005) as a sprinter at East Stroudsburg and West Chester University.

He competed in natural bodybuilding and powerlifting from 2011-2014 and earned a top 5 placing (5 out of 12) in the men’s open middleweight division in 2014 at Mr. Natural Philadelphia.

He returned to the track as a master’s sprinter in 2015 after a 10 year layoff from the sport and ran 11.57 and 23.78 in the 100m/200m at age 33.

Published Author

Fitman published his first eBook, Use Speed To Get Lean! The Sprinting Handbook For Lifters on 4/9/2019.


Fitman has been published on the web at Muscle and Strength, Black Fitness Today, T-Nation, and in Philly Fit magazine as a guest fitness writer.

Fitman specializes in:

personal training in philadelphia
Athletic Performance

Get faster, jump higher, build devastating strength, and become the athlete you are supposed to be.

fitman bodybuilding
Physique Development

Build a lean and muscular physique with unique training programs combined with old school methods.

Fat Loss & Nutrition

Nobody can out exercise a bad diet.  You will learn how to eat to build a leaner, stronger, and healthier body.

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