lehigh season opener fitman

Analysis by Laurence E. Richardson

Has age cost Fitman his speed?

After having a successful 2017 outdoor season resulting in two post-age 30 personal records in the 100 meter-dash (11.57) and the 200-meter dash (23.78), expectations were running high for Fitman for the 2017-2018 track and field season.

Based on what happened Friday night, those expectations may need to be tempered.

At the indoor track season opener at Lehigh, Fitman looked like a 34-year old sprinter far past his prime.

“I ran terrible,” he said after the meet.  “These are the absolute worst performances of my life on the track.”

Competing indoors for the first time since 2002, Fitman posted an unimpressive 7.62 in the 60-meter dash and a surprising 25.38 in the 200.

He finished 41 out of 55 in the 60 and only 4 spots from the bottom for the 200.

“I have never run this slow at any meet in my life.  My splits in training were faster than this last spring.”

“My first 200 at Germantown Academy after 10 years out of the game was faster than this!”

lehigh season opener fitman
After Friday night, there are more questions than answers for Fitman.

Is it age?

Is it an unfamiliarity with competing indoors? (smaller track, tighter turns)

“I felt that I was well-rested and prepared for this meet.  I was not used to the turns of the indoor track, but that does not excuse the fact that I was completely abysmal today.

The good thing that I can take from this meet is that I cannot possibly sprint any slower!”

“My off-season was phenomenal and resulted in PRs in the gym and on the track.  One bad night will not define me.”

Fitman competes again December 9th at the Lehigh Fast Times.  Let’s hope this was just a bad night, or this could be a very long season.

Laurence E. Richardson is the lead sports reporter for the Roslyn Media Group.  He graduated from West Chester University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with a focus on reporting.  He will provide commentary and oversight for The Fit Team throughout the year when they perform.

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