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As a former NCAA athlete, I know how it feels to not know how to properly prepare to get into top, physical and mental condition for my sport.

In college I had no idea what I was doing. 

I was weak, slow, skinny, had no hops, and I made no impact in track and field during my time at East Stroudsburg and West Chester Universities of Pennsylvania.

In college, I did not have a strength and conditioning coach.  It was at this time I started to develop my own workout programs that I would use in the weight room.

As I progressed through college I eventually became an average sprinter but I was prone to overtraining as I wanted to make up for lost time. 

All I did was get injured and my college track career ended prematurely.

Those failures forced me to reeducate myself in the world of strength and conditioning in order to become a legit coach.

Those failures also taught how to truly train athletes to maximize their performances.

As a current master’s sprinter, I have seen my sprint performances improve even as I am “old” by sprinting standards. 

My current group of athletes have also seen their strength, speed, power, and conditioning all improve using my program.

My athletic performance coaching program will cover all of your training, nutrition, and recovery needs to get you ready to bring your best performance to your field of play.

My old-school gym, The Fitman Performance Center is located in Abington which is right outside of Philadelphia. 

We are all about accountability and progress. 

If you need a strength and conditioning coach in or near Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, you are not too far from The Center.

To improve your athletic performance you will need the following elements:


My training systems have been featured on top strength and conditioning websites such as Muscle & Strength, T-Nation, and Breaking Muscle.  We will focus on identifying and developing your weak areas while improving your overall athletic ability.


Without a proper nutrition plan, your dreams of becoming a better athlete will remain dreams.  A performance based diet will set you up to maximize your performance in the gym, track, or your field of play.


strength and conditioning coach

The most underrated part of the strength and conditioning game is recovery.  Without proper recovery, you will not perform anywhere near your best.  Our training system implements proven techniques that will allow you to recover from your workouts, practices, and games/meets.

If you would like to become a stronger and faster athlete please fill out the application below. 

Get your copy of the groundbreaking eBook, Use Speed To Get Lean below!

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