Contest Prep Program

As a natural bodybuilder, I know how it feels to not know how to properly prep for a competition.

For my first contest prep I had no idea what I was doing. 

I had a deep desire to figure out how to prepare for competition on my own, but the information I received from the internet did not allow me to bring my best physique to the stage.

After the shows were over, I did my research on how to properly prepare for bodybuilding competition.  I brought a much improved physique to the stage in year 2 and placed much higher against better competition.

In year 4, I was able to place top 5 (5 out of 12) in a highly competitive men’s middleweight division which produced 2 future natural professional bodybuilders.

A few of my close friends, who I assisted in their contest prep, placed as well.  It was at this point I started to focus on becoming a contest prep coach.

On May 4th, 2019, 8 years after my bodybuilding journey started, I successfully coached my first ever overall winner and champion. 

In her first ever competition, Johanna Blume won debut and open figure at the 2019 Mr/Ms. Natural Philadelphia.

My contest prep coaching program will cover all of your training, nutrition, and recovery needs to get you ready to bring your best physique to the stage.

My old-school gym, The Fitman Performance Center is located in Abington.  We are all about accountability and progress. 

If you need a contest prep coach in or near Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, you are not too far from The Center.

For a successful competition prep you will need the following elements:

Contest Prep Training

contest prep philadelphia

My training systems have been featured on top bodybuilding websites such as T-Nation and Muscle & Strength.  We will focus on building your weak areas and developing a balanced physique.  Mass at all costs is not bodybuilding.

Contest Prep Nutrition

contest prep philadelphia

Without a proper nutrition plan, your dreams of becoming ripped will remain dreams.  Your diet will set up to help you maximize your hard earned muscle mass and eliminate body fat.


contest prep philadelphia

Competition prep can be a daunting challenge.  As someone who has walked down that path and coached physique athletes to the stage multiple times, I’ll be there to lend support the during your journey.

Check out the photos below to see a few members of The Fit Team on stage!

If you would like to compete in bodybuilding, figure, physique, or bikini, please fill out the application below. 

If applicable send 2-4 of your competition/current progress photos to after you complete the application.

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