trust in the process

The road to success can be an arduous one.

You will face setbacks.

You will face hardships.

Then you will face times when you are working really hard, but you are not able to see the results of your labor.

In many cases, when most people are facing these odds, they do one thing: they quit!

Most people quit when the relationship starts to get real.

Most people quit when the training program starts to get tougher.

And most people quit following their career passion because at the beginning of the journey they are not making any money.

When you quit, you end your chances of unleashing your inner greatness.

There are 2 principles that show us the importance of why you have to trust in the process.

Principal 1) The Beginning Of The Process Is Rough

The beginning of a new process is always difficult.

This reality makes it tough to trust in the process at the beginning.

It is hard to talk to that girl you are feeling when you do not really know her.  Breaking the ice is difficult but important.

The start is hard work, but the payoff is well-worth it...
The start is hard work, but the payoff is well worth it.

It is hard to begin a training program when you are weak, fat, super-skinny, uncoordinated, unmotivated or unathletic.

When you do not know what in the blue sky you are doing, it makes things harder than they seem.

New processes are extremely tough at first.

But having the moxie and grit to endure those tough times will allow you to reach your goals.  A wise man once said “Tough times do not last, but tough people do.”

When I started my business, there was nothing going on with Fitman Performance Training.

No clients.

Minimal income.

No acclaim.

It was a business in name only.

If I had quit at year 3 because I had been striking out with regularity, then I would not be here today to help you progress toward success.

If you quit training, or that relationship, or your career because it is very hard early on then guess what?  You will live your life on the dreaded spin cycle.

Do you want to keep restarting?

Do you want to keep breaking your own promises to yourself?

No one on this planet who is successful was fine with quitting and walking away from their dream.

You may get knocked down along the way to success.

But why do we fall?  So that we can get back up again.

Principal 2) The Process Will Reveal Your Character

There are two types of people in this world.

You have strong-minded folks and you have weak-minded folks.

Strong-minded folks embrace the process.

They accept that there will be failures.  They realize that it will not be a smooth road to the top.

But they also have the resolve and the will to keep fighting even when it seems like they are going to be knocked out by the tough times.

When your mind is made of steel, the shots that life throws at you will not deter you from your ultimate goals.

You also have weak-minded folks.

Weak-minded folks are very pessimistic.

They are scared to fail, so they rarely even try.  If they do build up the confidence to try, they routinely quit when the going gets tough.

That's about right...
That’s about right.

Because their resolve is non-existent, they lose at the game of life.

Their dreams remain dreams and their goals remain at the top of the mountain, never to be reached.

When your mind is made of straw, you will fold at the first hint of trouble.

The process will reveal exactly who you are.

You can boast about what you think you are, but your actions during the process will reveal your true nature.

I was a coward in high school when I was scared to initially run track.  I was scared to see people witness me struggle or fail.

That mindset limited my progress in athletics.

As I got older and smarter, I transformed from a coward into a fighter.  I accepted the fact that success requires struggle.


If you have goals, and you are serious about reaching them, you must be a fighter.

If you are willing to take the hits that life gives you, eventually you will hit back with a stupendously strong force.

This force will knock down the barriers that have blocked you from success.

You can and will be triumphant.  But you must trust in the process.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer

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