The Fitman Performance Center

The Fitman Performance Center has been 8 years in the making.

Through my travels during my career, I have been fortunate to train at many gyms.

I learned 2 great lessons at these gyms:  what NOT to do and who I am REALLY AM.

What I will not do is promote the general falsehoods of the fitness industry.  Poor coaching and lies about results have become commonplace.  The uninitiated unfortunately believes this fake hustle as true.

Who I am is a student and coach of building strength, conditioning, and character.  While it is easy to follow trends, I would no longer be true to what I believe in.

I always had an image in my mind as to how I wanted a performance training center to look and a feel for what kind of culture I wanted in the facility.  

I was never able to translate these thoughts into reality while working for someone else at their gym or when I was training as an independent contractor in other facilities.  

The great thing is that those eras of my career are over forever.

When thinking of what I wanted for my training center I thought back to 2002.  At East Stroudsburg University we took a track and field trip to N.C. State in March. 

When I entered the Wolfpack’s weight room, I was blown away by the layout of the facility.

At that point I knew exactly what I wanted; a facility that focused on strength, performance, conditioning, and character.

The Fitman Performance Center is an intimidating place and filled with basic tools and hard programming.

Committing to the process will allow you to reach your highest physical and mental levels while training here.  The standards are high.

I will warn you that this will not be for everyone.

The Journey was long but the Journey was well worth it.

The Journey

The Fitman Performance Center is located at:
1518 Easton Rd.
Unit #10
Roslyn, PA. 19001

The Fitman Performance Center

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