The Fitman Performance Center

The Center is the Philadelphia area’s premier strength and conditioning gym that specializes in developing athletes of all levels.

We train athletes in multiple sports ranging from: Track and Field (Sprinters), Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, and any sport that requires increased performances.

We also train physique competitors who compete in: Bodybuilding, Figure, and Bikini.

At The Center, athletes will see marked improvements in their speed, strength, athletic performance, physique, and character using our unique strength and conditioning program.

My Strength And Conditioning Gym Story

I’ve wanted to have my own strength and conditioning gym since 2002.

Through my travels during my career, I have been fortunate to train at many gyms.

I learned 2 great lessons at these gyms: what NOT to do and who I am REALLY AM.

What I will not do is promote the general falsehoods of the fitness industry.

Who I am is a student and coach of building strength, muscle, performance, and character.

While it is easy to follow trends, I would no longer be true to what I believe in.

The Center took me 8 years to make it a reality.  I now have the ability to give athletes the training and insight that I could not access as a kid.

Inside my strength and conditioning gym:

My strength and conditioning gym is located at:

1518 Easton Rd. Unit #10 Roslyn, PA. 19001

The Center is not for everybody.  Find out if you would be good fit by filling out our application below.