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One of the main keys during this journey called life is growth.

If you are not experiencing growth then you are either declining or remaining stagnant.

Last time I checked no one who chose those options ever accomplished anything of value.

When it comes to building your physique, growth is of the utmost importance.

Whether your main goal is to build more muscle or develop speed for your sport you should be experiencing growth.

Whether you move forward one inch or one mile doesn’t matter because you are still moving forward.

There are 2 things you must do to guarantee you build a better body.  They are:

1) Do Something That Scares You

Doing something that scares you is the difference between you making progress or you going nowhere fast.

Many trainees are consumed by fear.

Maybe it is the fear of failure.

Or perhaps it is the fear of looking bad in the gym.

It could even be the fear of feeling the pain of an intense set of work.

These trainees will never build more muscle and strength because fear dictates what they do in the gym.  This is a limiting mindset.

Charley Chest has been performing 60lb dumbbell bench presses for 5 x 10 for the last 12 weeks.  He has never even attempted to go up in weight or in reps.

Harry Half-Squat has been performing partial squats for 9 months.  He fears squatting down to the bucket because he knows he will actually have to work hard to rise out of the bucket.

These decisions are driven by fear, but I’m here to tell you that embracing the fear will drastically change how you think and look.

The most fearsome thing I’ve ever done during my lifting career was the Lunges of Death.

For the months and the final weeks leading up to it, the thought of finally doing it made me beyond queasy.  Even sleeping at night became difficult.

When the day finally came to perform, I was terrified.  But as I fought through and completed the task, something magic happened.

The fear that I had about doing the Lunges of Death was replaced by an anything is possible mindset.

When your mind progresses in such a drastic fashion, you will begin to look at life with different eyes.

I challenge you this week to do something in the gym that scares you.

Use a heavier weight to build more muscle.

Get down to the bucket.

Do a move that you are terrible at.

Whatever you do, I want you to have butterflies in your stomach before you perform it.  By overcoming fear you are priming your body and mind for extreme growth.

2) Step Outside The Box

The box is comfortable.

The box is where the majority of trainees reside.

But the box is also dangerous and extremely limiting.

When you decide to stay within the confines of the box, you have no chance for growth.

Let’s say you are a personal trainer.

You start your career off at a big-box, commercial gym.  But as you begin to progress as a trainer, you start to notice that the income you can make has major limitations on it.

You always find that you have plenty of clients, but you also notice that your check is not a great indicator of that.

No matter how hard you work, you just cannot overcome the fact that the gym is taking the majority of the money that is paid by the client.

What can you do?

You could stay in the box and be comfortable.  This would entail you staying broke, remaining at the big-box gym for years, and never truly actualizing your potential.

You have to leave your comfort zone to unleash your inner greatness...
You have to leave your comfort zone to unleash your inner greatness.

Or you can step outside the box and begin to plan for life as a fitness professional outside of the commercial gym.

You can do this by becoming an independent contractor or by opening your own facility.

Taking the second route will be decidedly harder, but the payoff will be well worth it.

No one will ever tell you again how much money you can make.  It will be totally up to you.

Stepping outside the box with your training will result in a very impressive physique.

Who cares if everyone else is using machines?  This is your time to master the iron.

Who cares if everyone is doing 3×10?  This is your time to use a progressive strength program like my RP-21 Training System to build more muscle.

Who cares if everyone is wasting time in the “cardio” section?  This is your time to hit the track, learn how to sprint, and increase your athleticism.

Staying in the box will limit your potential.  Stepping outside of the box will come with many challenges, but overcoming these challenges will transform you into an unstoppable force.

I challenge you this week to step outside the box with your training.


Leave your comments below on what you did this week that scared you and made you step outside the box.

I promise you a dramatic physical and mental transformation once you begin to implement these 2 keys to build a better body.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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