100 meter dash workout

A great 100-meter dash workout should put the primary focus on increasing the acceleration and maximum velocity of a sprinter.

Training for pure speed is not conditioning.

Training for pure speed is not bodybuilding.

Training for pure speed is not high volume tempo running workouts.

Training for pure speed is not running through an agility ladder.

While all those modalities have their own time and place in various training programs, training for pure speed puts all the emphasis on speed.

If you are a sprinter, the workout below will have you on the pathway to lowering your time and burning your competition in the 100-meter dash.

Always remember that in sprinting, a little goes a long way.

Sample Speed Workout

100 meter dash workout

This speed workout is a dual-purpose workout.

This means you will be training acceleration and maximum velocity in the same workout.

Acceleration is how fast it takes you to reach your top speed.  Maximum velocity is the fastest speed that you can possibly reach.

To excel in the 100-meter dash you need both elements.  This classic 100-meter dash workout will start with acceleration work followed by maximum velocity work.  The details are:

1) Perform a dynamic sprinter warm-up before you begin.  You can check out the video below to see what you should do to prepare for sprinting.

2) The first part of the workout focuses on improving your acceleration and working on your drive phase.

3) You will perform two or three, 30-meter sprints coming from a 3 or 4 point starting position.  If you have blocks you can use them.

4) The second part of the workout focuses on improving your maximum velocity.  You will perform two or three, 30-meter flying sprints with a 30-meter acceleration zone lead in.

5) Cool down, go home, and rest 48-72 hours before you perform another speed workout.  If you keep your volume very low (1-2 reps per drill) you will be able to sprint again in 48 hours.

The speed workout for the 100-meter dash will look like:

• 2-3 x 30m
• 2-3 x 30m flys

That’s it.


• You will take a full recovery (3-6 minutes based on this distance) between reps.

• Get 7-9 hours of sleep the night before this workout to ensure you have a fresh CNS (central nervous system).

• I recommend that you use the Freelap Timing System to record accurate, objective times.

• If you do not have a Freelap, you will need someone to time you with a stopwatch.  Keep in mind that hand times don’t officially count and are nowhere near as accurate as electronic times.

• A 4.15 hand timed 30-meter dash is actually about a 4.39-4.5 electronic time.  The reason why is that with a hand time, the coach reacts to the athletes’ movement which will always cause a slight delay for the coach.

• With electonic timing, the clock starts the instant you move.

• Hand times are not ideal, but a hand time is better than getting no times.


Don’t waste your time using a fake hustle “speed” program.

I’ve seen plenty of these egregious programs online and in-person.  99 percent of them make my eyes bleed.

To increase your speed, improve your body composition, and get access to a 12-week sprinting program, please check out my new eBook, Use Speed To Get Lean! The Sprinting Handbook For Lifters.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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