overcome the odds

Last night we witnessed history in the world of sports.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers overcame a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals to defeat the 73-9 juggernaut level Golden State Warriors in Game 7.

No team in NBA history has ever done this.  In fact, teams were 0-32 when facing this situation.

Against all odds, Cleveland was successful.

There may be areas of your life where you may be down 3-1, and you might think that it is impossible to overcome the odds.

But what you must know is that you can overcome the odds and be successful if you apply today’s principles to your situation.

Principal 1) You Can Never Give Up

When the Cavs lost Game 4 many pundits and sports analysts counted them out.

No one thought it was possible for them to overcome the 3-1 deficit.

The only folks who believed it was possible for them to come back were the players and coaches in the Cleveland locker room.

What folks believed on the outside did not matter to the Cavs.

If the Cavs had given up, you can guarantee that the Warriors would have become back-to-back NBA champions.

The next three games showcased a team that flat-out refused to give up.

They kept fighting until they eventually broke through and effectively shattered the will of the Warriors.

You might be down 3-1 with your physique.

Perhaps you are down 3-1 in your business.

Maybe you are down 3-1 in your relationship.

If you give up because it is difficult, you will never be able to make your situation a success.

Far too many times in my time as a strength coach, l have seen trainees who quit just before they hit their stride.  A common reason as to why is that the process is “taking too long.”

Let’s be real.  If you have been sedentary and making terrible food choices for 20 years then this process is not going to be quick.

If it took you 20 years to get out of shape, then you cannot expect to get into fantastic shape in mere months.  Building a great physique requires time and a consistent, quality effort.

Giving up is the coward’s way out.  You will not always win but if you just flat-out quit and do not even try then success will always be out of your grasp.

Principal 2) Stay Focused on Your Goal

When Cleveland was down 3-1 it would have been real easy for them to begin to lose focus.

When you suffer a demoralizing loss as they did in Game 4 it can begin to affect your mindset.

All the odds at this point were stacked against them.

They overcame the odds. They did not give up...
They overcame the odds, and they did not give up.

Players could have started thinking about the offseason and how they were going to spend their summer traveling.

They could have started to think about the new ride that they were going to purchase.

But not this Cavalier team.  They stayed focused on the prize which was the NBA championship.

You saw it in the effort they gave in Games 5-7.

The hustle for loose balls.

The determination they showed on defense.

The ability to channel the will to win and make game-saving plays.

You can only perform at this level if you remain focused on your goal.

Let’s say your goal is to become a better sprinter.

You know that this will entail you consistently training hard in order to get better at your craft.  But along the way, you will suffer setbacks.

There will be injuries and there will be poor performances.  This is inevitable.

The deciding factor to who will be successful when the setbacks arise comes down to whomever can best keep their eyes on the prize.

Your goal has to outweigh the pain you will encounter.


There will be situations in life where you may feel as if you are against all odds.

However, if you do not give up, and you continue to keep your eyes on the prize, then you will be able to overcome the odds.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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