overnight celebrity

The concept of becoming an overnight celebrity is a thought process that implies you can attain success rather quickly and without struggle.

Many lifters and trainees in the iron game want to become an overnight celebrity.

Not in the sense of becoming rich and famous overnight, but in the sense of changing their body or performance overnight.

The truth of the matter is that it requires time and effort to build or achieve something of great status or value.

Nothing worth anything in this life can be built overnight.

Greatness Requires Time

You cannot build a respectable physique or become a great athlete overnight.

If you look at athletes around the world, the first thing that sticks out to the eye is the physique of that athlete.  Genetics play a huge part in how an athlete will look.

But there is absolutely no doubt that the athlete had to consistently work very hard to achieve impressive levels of performance and physique development.

Do you think TO trained at the gym one day and then came out the next day looking like this?

How do you think Terrell Owens got into phenomenal shape?

Do you think TO built a top-flight body by skipping workouts and eating poorly over many years?  Absolutely not.

How do you think Michael Jordan became the G.O.A.T?

Do you think MJ went 6 for 6 in the NBA Finals and became the top player in the game by taking shortcuts and missing practice?

No way.

Don’t Believe Everything You See

Many lifters today think they can become an overnight celebrity due to the influence of steroids, pro-hormones, and social media.

Steroids have muddied the waters as far as how fast you can make progress, but this is not new.

Think about how “The Steroids Era” in pro baseball changed the game.

Steroids can transform an average player, who normally hits 12-20 home runs a year, into an absolute All-Star who all of a sudden hits 50 dingers the next season.

Think about the world of bodybuilding and how bodybuilders are adding muscle at a rate that cannot be attained naturally.

This sets a bad precedent in the minds of naive lifters.  They start to truly believe that they can make this fast, overnight Fed-Ex style progress!

They also think they can do it naturally because their favorite social media idol says he or she is steroid-free.  But it’s all a mirage.

I’ll say what I always say.

I’m not pro or anti-steroid.  I have just chosen to not take anabolic steroids and pro-hormones during my athletic career and life.

I’ve always wanted to see what the maximum potential of my body is without steroids.  But I understand why athletes in some sports take steroids: steroids absolutely work to increase certain markers of performance like speed, strength, and muscle mass.

I am however 100 percent against someone portraying themselves as a natural when they are clearly on the juice.

Shortcuts Are Out Here

New age surgical techniques are also blurring the lines of how fast progress can actually be made.

For example, the female body is an absolute marvel when it is in top condition.  What else could possibly look better?

But in today’s Mr. Potato head style world, things are different.

You’ve got some celebrities, Phit Vixens, and parts of the general population who are making quick, wholesale changes to their body without putting in any work at all.

These women are adding new pieces to their body like a car junkie would add parts to his latest vehicle.

I’m not anti-surgery, but I’m anti-fake hustle.  If you got the work done, just say it.

For example, I will eventually get Invisalign to improve the straightness of my teeth.

You can best believe that I won’t tell you that my teeth are just naturally super straight when the process is complete.  That would be some straight up bulljive!

Patty Pancake can’t sell me that she squatted her way to that rounder than round butt as she is leaving the surgeon’s office.

Some women are walking into the doctor’s office with a big gut and a butt that is as flat as a postcard.  But they are walking out of the office with a flat stomach and looking curvier than Lincoln Drive.

It is very obvious when you have a massive butt but also have absolute pipe cleaners for legs that you have had some work done.

These procedures have made it easy for these women to try to become overnight celebrities.

Nothing Worth Anything Comes Instantly

You cannot build a lasting relationship with your significant other overnight.

You cannot build a top-notch physique overnight.

You cannot increase your athletic performance to elite levels overnight.

You cannot start your business and become mega-successful overnight.

You cannot find your life’s purpose and your passion overnight.

They all require hard work, consistent effort, and patience.


Trying to become an overnight celebrity is an exercise in futility.

Enjoy the ups and downs of the ride to the top.

When you have arrived at your destination, you will have much more appreciation for what you have accomplished.

I’ll holla at you next time,
The People’s Trainer

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