the key to success

The key to success is in the struggle.

It is during the struggle where you build your character.

For you to have success in life, you will need to go through struggles.  There is absolutely no way to avoid this fact.

There are two major principles that show you how your struggles are connected to your success.  They are:

1) If It Was Easy To Be Successful Then Everyone Would Be Successful

Attaining true success is extremely difficult.

If it was easy to be a millionaire or have a top-flight physique, then everyone would make 7 figures and everyone would have their dream body.

However, this is not the case and not by a long shot.  Why?

Because the road to the mountaintop is arduous.

Howard Schultz was turned down over 200 times trying to secure investors for Starbucks.

What if he had quit after being turned down 10 times?

How about if he had quit after being turned down 50 times?

What if he had quit after being turned down 100 times?

There would be no Starbucks.  He would have given in to the rejection and not realized his dream.

Schultz did not quit.  He had a goal and a vision, and he realized that success would require struggle.

The same thing applies to your fitness journey, as there are going to be ups and downs along the way.

On your quest to build a stronger, leaner, and more muscular physique, you will experience pain.  And much more than just the pain of a hard set of squats or deadlifts.

For example, what happens when you suffer an unexpected injury?

What happens when you are not progressing as fast as you would like too?

How about when you have a bad workout and all the weights feel like a ton?

Quitting is not an option when it comes to attaining maximum success with your physique or performance.

You have to have the endurance and the character to get through the rainy days.  The payoff will be immeasurable.

Your success requires you to struggle as the key to that success is in the struggle.  Embrace it.

Remember, as we learned last week, Option A is always better than Option B.

2) PAIN Is The Mother Of Change

The key to success is in the struggle you face on your way up to the mountaintop.

success requires struggle
Building a healthy, athletic physique will be a tough, and sometimes painful journey. But it is well-worth it.

Real change occurs when one hits rock bottom.  Rock bottom often involves a high degree of pain.

You might go to the doctor and find out you are overweight, have high cholesterol and diabetes.

Perhaps you might have just received news that your significant other wants to leave you in the dust.

Maybe you might be skinny and underweight and have to deal with constant bullying at school.

Perhaps you might be trying to buy a car, but no one will sell you one because your credit score is horrendous.

And maybe, you might be a student applying to college and all you are receiving in the mail is rejection letters.

All these examples have one thing in common: pain.

Without experiencing the pain of these scenarios, these individuals would not make the necessary changes needed to improve their situations.

Pain will touch every human being.  In other words, everyone will experience rainy days.

But the rain which flows from the pain will water your Earth.  In that dirt there are seeds.

Seeds of progress, hope, joy, and change.

In order for these seeds to grow, the rain must fall.  Your pain will nourish the new growth.

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were eliminated by the Detroit Pistons for 3 straight years in the playoffs.

Jordan was becoming the individual best player on the planet, but the Pistons had a strategy to limit his game.

Detroit beat him up and made him work.

They isolated him and fouled him hard when he drove into the paint.

They called this the Jordan Rules.

At the time, Jordan did not have the belief in his teammates to help him.  But trying to win by himself was resulting in devastating losses each year.

After 3 years of pain, Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the Bulls changed their approach.

Phil Jackson let Jordan know that as great as he was individually, the Bulls would need to play a more team-oriented game in order to have success and beat the Pistons.

In other words, he wanted Jordan to believe in his teammates.

They used this approach, and they were able to defeat the Pistons in dominating fashion.

I’ve experienced the pain of wasting my athletic potential in high school.

I’ve also experienced the pain of being rejected by a significant other.

And the pain of being told I’m not good enough and no one believing that I could reach my goals.

That pain has molded me.  It has forced my seeds of progress and change to grow.

Without going through these pains during my journey through life, I would not be able to reach you today.

I would not be able to tell you that you can endure the pain and unleash your inner greatness.


The key to success is in the struggle.

There will be pain.  But if you stay the course, you will have your day.

Let the rain flow, so the seeds of change can grow.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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