stay hungry

In order to reach the mountaintop, you have to stay hungry.

You see, most of us have goals and dreams.  Most of us want to be successful.

Some folks will reach their goals and some folks will not.  Sometimes the folks with less talent end up reaching their goals while the folks who have the incredible natural talent fall short.

What is the difference between the people who succeed and the people who fail?  Their HUNGER.

What happens when you are very hungry?

You become consumed by the thought of satisfying that hunger.  Until you are able to eat and satisfy your hunger you cannot think about anything else with a clear state of mind.

What if you applied that concept to attaining success?  Where would you be right now?

There are two principles that relate directly to staying hungry and becoming successful.  They are:

1) How Hungry Are You?

The first principle is the most important.

You have to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How hungry am I?”

When you are just kind-of hungry, you do not have the same desire to eat.  You are content.

However, when you are very hungry your desire to eat is overwhelming.  You are not content, and you will eventually become hangry.

Lifters might say they want to build a respectable physique.

Entrepreneurs might say they want to build their business.

You might even say you want to increase your education.

But how hungry are you?

How hungry are you for success? He looks hungry.

Until your hunger for your goal matches the hunger you have when you have not eaten, you will not attain maximum success.

Early in my training career, I was not hungry.

I would show up at the gym whenever I wanted to.  I would come in, clown around, and leave.

This led to zero results.

After going nowhere fast for a whole year, the hunger for success started to burn in my soul.  As a result, I began to commit myself to being a better fitness professional.

I was no longer kind-of hungry, as I now wanted to follow my passion and become the best strength coach that I possibly could.

Even as I have had success with the notoriety during the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition or appearing on T-Nation, I am still hungry for more.

The moment you become content is the moment your progress will stop.

My belly cannot be full.  A wise man once said, “Do not let your wins go to your head, or let your losses go to your heart.”

Stay hungry.

2) Your Success Is Directly Connected To Your Hunger

How can a professional sports team win back-to-back championships?

What about the boxer who gets knocked out only to become champion again?

How do you get back into great shape after a long layoff?

Is it your talent?  NO.

Is it luck?  NO.

What gets you back into the game is your HUNGER.

In any profession, when you reach the pinnacle, it is human nature to get comfortable and lose focus.

The wolf at the top of the hill has attained success and can eat whenever they choose.  The wolf is comfortable.

However, there is a wolf coming up the hill who is hungry.

This wolf knows that if they do not eat, then they will starve and die.  This wolf has to be willing to sacrifice sleep and shelter in order to prevent this outcome.

The only thing driving this wolf is hunger because their existence is on the line.  You having success is all determined by how hungry you are.

Building a great body does not come easy.

If you think building a loving and lasting relationship comes easy, you are wrong.

And creating or building a business from absolutely nothing ranks among the most difficult things that you could ever do.

But having the hunger to pursue your goals and reach them will allow you to live a deeply purposeful and fulfilling life.

The great Jerry Rice was not a physical specimen like a Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson.

But Rice is regarded as the greatest wide receiver and football player of all time.  Why?


If you are hungry for your goals and hungry for success, then it will not matter whether you are a genetic freak or an average Joe.

You will be able to be successful because you will be unrelenting in going after those goals.

Rice never got content with his accolades.

He cared about unleashing his inner greatness and continuing to come back each season better than the last.

This is why he trained so hard in the offseason and this is why he played at such a high level for the duration of his phenomenal 20-year career.


When your hunger for success is insatiable, you will begin to make major progress.

Kind-of hungry only brings kind-of results.  And those lackluster results will bring major frustration.

Stay hungry and stay focused.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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