best supplements for success

The best supplements to take are actually not sold in stores.

Even with that said, the supplement industry makes millions of dollars every year selling products that offer incredible promises.

Some supplements promise you increased strength and power.

Some supplements promise you bigger muscles and better performances.

And there are even some supplements that promise men a high libido reminiscent of a healthy, college aged male.

With all of these promises, it can be hard for someone to ignore the hype and not want to purchase these products.  But the vast majority of these supplements that have these claims of greatness around them are mostly junk.

I Was Once Naive

In my young, naive days, I used to spend boatloads of money on these supplements.  You shouldn’t be surprised when I tell you that I never saw any of the big promises come to light.

But along the way, I did discover 3 supplements that you need to be successful.  They are vital to you making progress.

Without these 3 supplements, you have no chance to develop the body you want.

By skipping out on these 3 supplements, you have no chance to become a better athlete.

And without taking these 3 supplements daily, you have no chance to grow and unleash your inner greatness.

You will not have to spend any money on these supplements in order to get them.  The only thing you have to do is be committed to consistently taking them.

The Top 3 Supplements To Take For Success

1) Hard Work

Anything worthwhile in life is not going to come easy.  It is going to require you to work hard.

Hard work cannot be overstated or replaced because hard work is one of the secrets to success.

When you work hard you will achieve your goals...
When you work hard, you will achieve your goals.

Michael Jordan and the Bulls won 6 championships because they worked hard.

Will Smith became the first mega successful rapper/actor because he worked hard.

Steve Jobs changed the computer and cell phone games because he worked hard.

There is talent and there is work ethic.  All the men above have talent, but it requires a very strong work ethic to maximize your talent.

Look at the amount of great, natural athletes who have amazing talent but zero work ethic.

They all hit a wall during their career when their talent would no longer take them any further along their journey.  They never maximized their ability.

There are also many athletes who do not have the same level of natural talent as elite athletes.

But many of those average athletes still become very successful.  Why?

Because they work hard.  If you want to be successful, you need to work hard for your goals.

You have to work hard when you train at the gym and sprint at the track.  You also have to work hard on your business, career, and relationship.

When you apply hard work to what you do, that work will eventually pay off.  But in order for your hard work to be maximized, you also must take daily doses of supplement number 2.

2) Consistency

Of the 3 supplements that you need to be successful, consistency is the one that will ultimately determine your success.

If you are inconsistent with your hard work, your results will be lackluster.

Think about that person at the gym who you see five times one week and zero times the next week.  They only get consistent when they are about to go on vacation or have an event coming up.

This type of inconsistent training frequency will never allow your body to go through any major changes.

I’ve seen folks over the years who look the same or worse every year.  A major reason for this is an inconsistent training schedule.

If you cannot commit to a consistent training schedule, then your body can never get into a groove.

Think about that person you see eating correctly for one day and then going to Carb City for the rest of the week.

One day of correct eating will not outweigh 6 days of lousy eating.

Your consistency with your training, nutrition, and recovery must be on point in order to transform your physique.  Inconsistent habits will build an incomplete physique.

When I first got to barber school, I was not cutting hair on a daily basis.  My skill set had stagnated, and I could not develop my ability to cut hair anymore due to an inconsistent cutting schedule.

But while I was in barber school, I had to consistently cut hair every day, with no exceptions.

Over the 9-month program, my barbering skills became incredibly sharp and the time I spent on an individual haircut went down drastically.  Why?

Because I was consistently cutting hair.  I was consistently getting in the reps, and I was consistently mastering the skill of barbering.

If you want to see great progress with something, you must do it with consistency.

Your physique requires consistent hard training, proper meals, and recovery in order for you to build your dream body.

But even with the best intentions, dreams do not happen overnight.  There is one final supplement you must take daily in order to be successful.

3) Patience

This supplement is not popular in our microwave society.

Amazing things require time to develop, but most people want overnight results.  Why do you think plastic surgeons are so popular?

When someone does not like how they look, and they want to fix it quickly, they can go to the surgeon.

The surgeon can give a woman a flat stomach and a big bubble butt in just a few procedures.  Overnight you will become a Phit Vixen.

But the results do not last long-term.  Buying a surgically-altered body does not change your eating, training, sleeping, or stress management habits.

If you were not consistent before the process, you will not become consistent overnight.

I’ve seen folks who eventually end up right back where they started, but this time with a lighter wallet.

Developing a fantastic, natural physique takes years of hard work and consistency.  It requires patience.

Be patient. Your hard work and consistency will allow you to grow.
Be patient. Your hard work and consistency will allow you to grow.

I have an exercise for you.  I want you to look around your neighborhood for a big tree.

When you look at it, you probably cannot fathom that the tree was once very small at its genesis.

It took years for that tree to grow to its full potential because that tree had to be nourished.

It had to endure all the rainy days and uncomfortable snow storms.

But it continued to grow.  Over time, it became the tall and healthy tree that sits proudly in your neighborhood.

Whether it is your fitness journey, your business, or your relationship, you will need to exercise patience.

Peyton Manning was the best quarterback in the NFL for most of the early 2000s.  However, there was one thing that eluded him: a Super Bowl title.

Season after season, he and his Indianapolis Colts were knocked out of the playoffs.

Even in the seasons when they were seen as the favorites to win the Super Bowl, they were sent home packing.

Finally, in the 2006 NFL season, Manning, Coach Tony Dungy, and the Colts won the Super Bowl.

This process of reaching the pinnacle of success took 8 years to come to fruition.

I’m sure there were times when the team got down on themselves.  I’m sure there were times when the team questioned if they would ever win the big game.

But the one thing they exercised was patience.  It’s super easy to quit, but it’s hard to attain the greatness you desire.

With that being said you still need to have a sense of urgency to go with that patience.


You have to work on developing your plan of action today.

You will not reach all of your goals in one day.

But if you operate with a sense of urgency, you can get closer to that goal every single day.

You cannot just wait around and hope for good things to happen for you.  You have to go after what you want.

I promise that if you take these 3 supplements consistently, you will be on the road to success.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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Antwan Miller

Amazing article Fitman i really enjoyed it. It inspired me to go even harder keep em coming my brother.

Frank B

Real good read boss. Its been a while since I’ve read something this encouraging. Thank you.

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