Goal setting, specifically setting fitness goals, is a very common practice in the iron game.

Many folks have great intentions when they set fitness goals.

But knowing how to set goals and then actually achieve them requires more than just good intentions.

The Problem With Fitness Goal Setting

While setting goals is a great thing, the problem with the majority of the goals that lifters set is that they are just general goals.

For example if your goal was to “get stronger” you can literally reach your goal of getting stronger in just one workout.

If you squatted 135lbs for 5 x 5 during your first workout and then the next week you squatted 140lbs for 5 x 5, you have absolutely gotten stronger.

But are you really stronger, at least how you would probably envision what being stronger looks like, after just one workout?  Of course not!

This is why general goals hold no real weight when it comes to making real progress.

No Accountability = No Achievement

General fitness goals do not create any accountability.

Being a lifter or an athlete who has general goals is better than being a no goal loser.

But general goals have a high chance of never being achieved because there is no accountability attached to the goal.

I used to set hollow general goals in my younger days.  But because those goals did not demand accountability, I never really got close to achieving those goals.

What I have found is that there is a superior way to set goals that creates accountability and forces you to chase them.

When you begin to set goals in a specific fashion instead of a general fashion, it makes everything clear as far as what you have to do to reach them.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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