dumbbell reverse lunges

Form matters.

In fact, my biggest pet peeve in the whole iron game is horrendous form.

I’ve seen it in every exercise from the squat, to the bench press, to the deadlift, to the pull-up.

Lifters typically use bad form in an effort to lift more weight, but lifting more weight at the expense of great form is a one way ticket to a very short career in the iron game.

Poor form not only looks bad, but it will set you up to eventually get injured.  It is not worth risking your lifting career in order to impress some meatheads at the local commercial gym.

What is even worse about bad form is when the bad form is taught to trainees by so-called “trainers and coaches.”  It is unacceptable.

If you do not know how to do something as a coach, do not try to coach it.  I do not try to teach my clients how to do MMA training because I do not know how to do it!

Coaching a client through a movement that you have no idea how to do is blatant negligence.

Learning bad habits over time will lead you down a dark road that offers no results.

The goal of lifting is to be able to do it for life.  You do not want to end your lifting career early because you used bad form.

Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

The dumbbell reverse lunge is a basic human movement pattern that is typically butchered in the gym.

When you perform dumbbell reverse lunges correctly, you will save your knees and build up a stallion-like lower body.

Check out my tutorial at the top of the page so that you can learn how to do dumbbell reverse lunges properly.


Great form leads to fantastic results.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer

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