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If you want to build a complete physique, then you must know that your form matters.

Using proper form not only allows you to get stronger and more muscular, but it also allows your joints, ligaments, and tendons to go through a full range of motion.

If your joints, ligaments, and tendons are weak, then you will be more susceptible to injury and the road to the ER.

Half-reps also prepare you for a total disaster when you finally perform a full rep.

Story Time

Let me hit you with a story real quick.

I once saw a trainee on social media who had been performing half-reps in the bench press.

One day all of the local meatheads decided to have an impromptu bench press competition at the local commercial gym.  They were going to try to max out with 405lbs.

The guy who I saw on social media was actually in this farce of a contest.  He had easily performed half-reps with 315lbs, 355lbs, and 385lbs with little to no effort.

He was cocky and thought his strength matched that of Luke Cage.

But the 405lb bench press had to be a full rep to the chest for the impromptu meathead challenge.

The second he passed the halfway point you then saw his chest instantly fold in and turn purple.

The man suffered a torn pec.

His chest had obviously never felt the full range of performing a proper bench press.  For this he paid a very steep price.

I hate to see any lifter get injured especially when the injury was completely preventable.

Although a lot of cats in the game have a ton of false bravado, you cannot let your ego get the best of you in the iron game.  Iron is unforgiving.

You have plenty of time to get stronger and add weight to your lifts, but you only have one time to suffer a potentially career altering or threatening injury.

How To Do Dips

My video above will show you exactly how to do dips correctly.

Doing dips correctly will allow you to maximize all of the muscle and strength that you can get out of your upper body.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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