Big glutes are all the rage.

But many trainees and “coaches” are not using the proper exercises or methodology to build them.

You primarily see Phit Vixens on Instagram doing the weakest workouts of all-time and then trying to sell you their 6 week glute-building program.

What these women are not telling you is that their pictures are photo shopped.

They also are not letting you know if they are on anabolic steroids OR if they had a surgical procedure to decrease their waist size and increase their glute size to the tenth power.

Listen, people can do what they want and spend their money on whatever they want to.  The major problem is when these charlatans are flat-out lying to the people.

Fake hustle “trainers” misleading people into thinking they can achieve unreachable results using a fraudulent training program is deplorable.

These charlatans disrespect the iron game in the worst way.

Within the last few years a well-known social media “trainer” got exposed badly for getting a butt surgery done years ago.

Nobody cares that she got a surgery done because it is her life.

The problem is that she misled thousands of women into thinking they could look like her if they purchased her bogus programs.

That is the definition of fake hustle, but I digress.  The main factor that decides the size and shape of your glutes is your genetics.

Even if you were born Pamela Pancake, you still have hope.  You just have to put in the hard work.

I was a skinny scarecrow for the first 21 years of my life.  If I can develop a posterior chain, I know with certainty that you can too if you commit to change.

The 45 degree hip extension, also known as the 45 degree back extension, is one of my go-to moves that we use at The Center for increasing the strength and size of the posterior chain.

Many trainees perform 45 degree hip extensions with form that makes my eyes bleed.

The first video at the top of the page will break down how to do back extensions for glutes.

The second video at the bottom will show you how to do weighted back extensions for glutes with a band, dumbbell, or barbell.

If you put in the time and effort, you can have bigger and stronger glutes.

Nothing worth anything in life will comes easy.

How To Do Weighted Back Extensions For Glutes

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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