plan of action

Without having a legit plan of action you will be going down a road that leads nowhere.

What If?

What if you are skinny and weak?

What if you are broke and hate your job?

What if you are fat and out of shape?

What if you are stuck on the bench for your sports team?

What if you are unhappy with your life?

My question to you is what in the blue sky are you going to do about it?

How Will You Respond?

Are you going to complain to your friends and family about how awful your life is?

Are you going to talk about change all day and then take absolutely no action?

Are you going to go to the local bar during “happy” hour and drink your sorrows away in a river of good ole Jack Daniel’s?

Or better yet are you going to take some drugs to take your mind off of things?

The number one problem in today’s culture is a major lack of accountability.  Taking the easy way out is popular like the number 1 song on the Billboard Top 100.

The majority of folks will turn to the above scenarios when they are faced with adversity.

These all too common patterns of action have absolutely, positively no value.

The great Martin Luther King Jr. has a quote that sums up the situation.

He once said the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Essentially every man and woman on the planet feels great when they are comfortable.

But your true character will ultimately be revealed when you face adversity.

When adversity is staring you in the face there are two things that will happen: you will either swim to the surface towards the shores to face it, or you will sink deep into the ocean of oblivion.

This is why you need a plan of action.

Willpower Alone Is Not Enough

You need willpower, but you will not beat adversity with just willpower alone.

To be successful you need to develop a plan of action to go along with all that heart.

In order to make progress in life you must have a plan.

Looking back I know I was a bum going nowhere fast before I developed a plan for my life in 2008.

A plan of action does not have to be hard to design, but you must develop it in order to change your situation from negative to positive.

You see a plan without action is just a dream.  You do not want to be Dave Dreamer because anyone on the planet can dream.

But it takes a different type of person to put the dream into motion, take action, and turn the dream into reality.

How To Develop A Plan Of Action

Are you skinny and weak like I once was?

matters of fitness
My plan of action allowed me to permanently erase the previous version of myself. The Bird Man is dead.

It’s time to stop complaining that you are a hard-gainer and cannot build muscle.

Some people do have better genetics for building muscle.

Some people also have better genetics for hair, skin, height, breast size, and teeth.  That’s life.

Your muscle building genetics may not be elite.  But that truth does not mean that if you are skinny and weak you cannot become strong and muscular.

You have to start to lift some real weight in the gym, eat some real food at home, and get quality sleep.

Fake hustle machine workouts, a typical teenagers diet, and low quality sleep will get you nowhere except being skinny and weak.

As a naturally skinny guy you may never be as big as Arnold, but you can absolutely maximize your smaller frame.

As a naturally skinny woman you may never be as built as Serena Williams, but you can definitely create a curvier body if you want it.

The 5 things you need to do in order to not be skinny and weak are:

1) Lift moderately heavy weights at least 3-4 days per week.

2) Eat enough quality calories every day (track your calories to see what’s currently coming in).

3) Consistently get 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night.

4) Keep your stress levels lower.

5) Do sprinting workouts 1 or 2 days per week.

Check out the link below to help you on your journey to be stronger.

RP-21: How To Build Serious Muscle and Strength

Even though COVID-19 has shut down the gym, you can still train at home.

Are you broke and working a job that you hate?

The truth might be that you hate your soul draining job that pays you less than what you are worth.

But the other truth is that you have the power to change your situation.

This world is a big place.  There are many crafts, hustles, and professions that you can master and start a business based on them.

The great American myth is that you have to go to college to be successful.  But what’s the point of going if you do not know what you want to do in life?

I’ve done my research on some of the most successful people in the world.  Many of them dropped out or did not even go to college.

You do not have to go to college to be successful and especially if you do not know what you want to do in life.

You do however need to have the knowledge, hustle, drive, and be willing to take risks in order to be successful.

Everybody needs to get the right information that will lead them to success in their field.  But everybody does not need to go to college.

I went to trade school (barbering) after I graduated from college.  If I was a teenager knowing what I know now I would not have gone to a traditional college.

I would have gone to the trade schools and got a big jump on my career in the fitness and barbering games.

The 5 things you need to do in order to not be broke and hate your job are:

1) Gain the knowledge you need to master your field.

2) Start your business.

3) Work on growing your business every day.

4) Don’t stress over the small things.

5) Be ready to hustle hard for many years as you will be broke many years.

I semi-retired from the barber game in 2014 to fully pursue my fitness career.

I’m the poor man’s Will Smith because I was skilled in two separate arenas but had to eventually choose one of the two.  I chose the iron.

You can use my story as the inspiration to make moves because now I own the best strength and conditioning gym in the Philadelphia area.

Are you fat and out of shape?

It’s time to drop the daily servings of junk food and begin to eat healthier.

It’s also time to start to put a priority on working out.  Nothing is stopping you from training today.

Even though the gyms are closed during this pandemic you can train effectively at home.

plan of action
If you are out of shape, then you are out of shape. Even if you are Superman.

Losing body fat and getting into great shape will be a challenge.  But it is overcoming challenges that will build you into a tougher person.

The five things you need to do in order to not be fat and out of shape are:

1) Consistently lift moderately heavy weights at least 3-4 days per week.

2) Initially track your calories every day and make sure you do not overeat.

3) Consistently get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night.

4) Keep your daily stress levels lower.

5) Do sprinting workouts 2 to 3 days per week.

Are you stuck on the bench for your sports team?

I was on the bench in high school sports until I was a senior.  It sucked bad.

But I deserved to be on the bench because I did not put in the extra work.

A lot of young athletes think they can do the minimum and still expect to get on the field.  That thought process is called delusion.

If you are not willing to put in the work you are not going to get off the bench.

There may be a couple of athletes who have extreme genetics who can skate by for a while.

But eventually their talent tank will run out because somebody who is equally (and sometimes less) talented but does all of the hard work will take their spot.

The five things you need to do in order to get off the bench in your sport are:

1) Consistently work on your sport specific skill every single week (shooting, throwing, sprinting etc.).

2) Work on your skills when NO ONE is watching.

3) Invest in yourself and focus on getting stronger, leaner, and more powerful.

4) Keep your head up when things are not going your way.

5) Study film and the habits of the greats in your game.


Are unhappy with where your life is?

Nobody else is responsible for your personal happiness.  Your happiness is your responsibility.

I know that by implementing a legit plan of action your satisfaction level with your life will grow like freshly planted vegetables in the spring.

Adversity impacts everybody.  It’s definitely impacting all of us right now with this coronavirus pandemic.

But like Rocky Balboa said, “Life is not about how hard you can hit.  Life is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

I’ll holla at you next time,
The People’s Trainer

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i’ve been doing organized, systematic training for 50 years — weightlifting and track & field, and one thing I’ve always made sure of is to live in very close proximity to a decent track. a track and a stopwatch, occasionally spikes, a good mix of 50-400’s with 600’s and 800’s thrown in. always worked for me; only have to look at the physiques of top-flight collegiate and world-class sprinters.

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