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Why Traditional “Cardio” Is A Waste Of Time




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Real Hustle

With majority of the people in the United States being either overweight or obese, many people are looking for ways to reduce their body fat and improve their health.

The health and fitness club industry generates over 80 billion dollars of revenue each year.  The supplement industry adds another 30 billion dollars to the total.

110 billion dollars spent on health yet most the country is in horrendous shape?  This is a major problem!

It’s obvious that most people are willing to spend the money on gyms and supplements.

It’s also obvious that most people are unwilling to do the work needed to actually get into shape.

Many people go to the store, they purchase something, and then they own it.

In the iron game you can spend the money, but you do not get the result immediately.  The iron game is all about delayed gratification.

Most people equate spending money to getting automatic results but this is not how the iron game of life works.

You still have to do the work as there are no quick fixes when it comes to building your body.

The Truth

Essential body fat is necessary to maintain your bodily functions.

But carrying excessive body fat will significantly increase your chances of having to deal with health issues like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Outside of the serious health issues mentioned above, carrying excessive body fat will also affect your self-image and confidence.

Being scared to wear certain clothing or feeling self-conscious all the time about your appearance is no way to live life.

You Don’t Have To Front

Many people like to put up a fake front about “not caring” about how they look or being “happy” with their unhealthy body.

The truth though is that the vast majority of those people are straight up lying.

You are absolutely kidding yourself if you think people don’t care about looking and feeling good.

Brother,if you did not care about how you look, why do you go to the barbershop every week?

Why do you have that commercial gym membership that you only use on Friday evening to try to get the club pump?

Why do you buy expensive clothes, flashy shoes, wear heel inserts to look taller, and wear a girdle shirt to hide that beer belly and make your shoulders look wider?

Sister, if you did not care about how you look, why do you wear make-up?

Why do you have that commercial gym membership that you only use in January and then again right before summer starts?

Why do you stay at the hair and nail salon, wear wonderbras, buy spanx, photoshop your selfies for social media, and put on waist trainers to hide that fat gut and make your hips look wider?

It’s easier to go buy new button-up Polo shirt or a pair of fancy heels than it is to do 3 sets of 20 barbell reverse lunges.

The truth is that most people want to look and feel good without doing the hard work that it takes to look and feel good.

Number 1

My purpose in life is to show people that their health (physical and mental) should be priority number 1.

You will not be able to give the best version of yourself to your family, your relationship, and your business when you are walking around sick, in pain, and lacking confidence all the time.

When you are chronically unhealthy, physically and mentally, your quality of life will be supremely poor.

I’ve been unhealthy on the other side of the coin (too skinny, bad eating and sleep habits) and it affected my mindset and self-image every dang day during that pivotal time period.

I see this reality every single day.

Why “Cardio” Is A Waste Of Time

One of the first things that people do when they are looking to lose body fat is to adopt a new diet and begin work out in some capacity.

These are both great things to do but most people are doing both completely wrong.

Most people begin to drastically cut calories, eat “clean”, and then try to start to exercise every single day.

Most new trainees waste time in the boring “cardio” section of a gym way too long.  They then use a bunch of lame machines as the core of their workout.

The 1-2 hour “cardio” sessions work initially as they begin to drop scale weight.

When you drop your calories and you begin any activity your body will have to respond as you have gone from nothing to something.

However since the calorie drops are too extreme and the “cardio” is too excessive the trainees’ are not building any muscle during the process.

Their progress stagnates within a few short weeks.

They get frustrated, they lose the motivation and drive to continue, and they ultimately quit.  I’ve seen it happen more times than I would have ever liked to.

If you do not believe me, look back in the “cardio” section of a gym and tell me who is actually in phenomenal shape.  I’ll wait patiently for your answer.

The Right Way To Do “Cardio”

The right way to do “cardio” is to actually perform conditioning.

Conditioning is done for a much shorter duration (5-20 minutes for a session) than traditional “cardio.”  Because of this fact it is much more intense.

While there are many effective conditioning workouts, the one at the top of the food chain is sprinting.

Humans have been sprinting for thousands of years whether it was to capture prey or get away from predators.

If you needed to eat or escape from being eaten you needed to sprint!

Sprinting was such a fundamental human movement that it was even included in the very first Olympic Games.  The 100 meter dash is still the most popular event of the entire Olympics.

One thing you will notice about all sprinters is that they are lean and carry low amounts of body fat.

Sprinters from the 1980’s and on began to add lifting and better nutrition principles to their program.  They then started to build the best bodies on Earth.

Why would you want to waste time (typically 1-2 hours) in the “cardio” section of some gym going nowhere fast, when you could spend 15-25 minutes on the track sprinting and unleashing your inner greatness?

Who wouldn’t want to get 100x the results in a fraction of the time?

Sprinting is the king of the jungle in terms of conditioning workouts.

Nothing else you can do will take your heart rate from 0-60 faster than running full speed for a few seconds.

The majority of people look like a zombie from the Walking Dead when they are in the “cardio” section of the gym.

Sprinting is never boring or soul-draining.  Sprinting gives you renewed life and builds mental toughness.

The Solution

The good news for you is that I have created solution that will show you how to properly train, eat, and sleep correctly.

The combination of doing these things will allow you to build a leaner, stronger, and healthier body.

My eBook, Use Speed To Get Lean will teach you how to get rid of that poisonous excessive body fat and get leaner.

I use a simple diet and a simple training program loaded with basic movements to get the job done.  In fact the simplest movement anybody can do is to sprint.

Getting into great, healthy shape has been made far more complicated than it ever needs to be.  My eBook, Use Speed To Get Lean simplifies the process to get into great shape.

In Use Speed To Get Lean you will receive:

• My full eBook which is a comprehensive guide on how to begin sprinting and add sprinting to your workouts

• A 12 Week Workout Program For Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Trainees

• A nutrition guide that teaches you exactly how much and what foods to eat

• A video exercises guide with links to all of the movements provided in the eBook

There are no starvation diets.

There are no machine-based, waste of time “cardio” workouts.

There is absolutely no fake hustle.

Nobody wants to be in pain everyday.  In America we have many people who suffer from physical pain daily ranging from sore joints to weak, tight muscles.

In America we have people who suffer from mental and emotional pain daily.

This can range from folks being severely insecure with their bodies to having deep anxiety of wearing certain clothing.

The thing about all of these physical and mental issues is that the way to reduce your body fat, build more muscle, improve your strength, and increase your level of confidence starts with committing to a fit lifestyle.

You can start that process by getting my eBook, Use Speed To Get Lean.

This is the only eBook in the fitness game that combines sprinting and lifting workouts to get you leaner, stronger, healthier, and more athletic.

If someone was selling me life-changing information for only $29.99, you better best believe I would buy it.  In fact I often purchase eBooks and audio books that powerfully enrich my life.

Don’t waste your precious time with traditional “cardio.”  Use sprinting to get lean and unleash your inner greatness.

Download Use Speed To Get Lean Today!

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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How To Jump Higher Workout (Video)
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