Unleash Group Training

“Look Better, Feel Better”

My main goal in the training game was always to train competitive athletes.  I wanted to help them avoid the many mistakes I made when I competed in high school and collegiate athletics.

Since the inception of The Center, I have been fortunate to train more competitive athletes than I have at any point in my career.  They keep me young!

With that said, there are many folks who are not competitive athletes. There are many folks who just want to look and feel better.

The brand new Unleash group training sessions at The Center are specifically designed for that person.


Working with other folks who have the same urge to look better and feel better is inspiring.  The camaraderie reminds me of when I ran track at the high school and college level. 

When you have that friendly competitiveness during the training session, it inspires everyone to give a consistent, quality effort every single workout.

Unleash Group Training at The Fitman Performance Center will allow you to:

Look Better

Brisk, intense training sessions designed to build muscle and destroy body fat.

Feel Better

With a stronger body, you will feel younger and everyday tasks will become easier.

Build Character

Overcoming tough workouts builds mental toughness.

If you want to look better and feel better than Unleash is for you! 

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