sprinting fat loss

Sprinting workouts are significantly more beneficial for fat loss than traditional “cardio.”

Even with that truth, the fitness industry is littered with books, programs, and workouts that offer absolutely no value and no sprinting.

Many of these “training” guides are all about getting the quick buck.

Whether the promise is “6 Weeks to Abs” or “30 Days to Maximum Muscle” they are all promoting the deceitful idea that you will be able to build and develop your ideal body in short order.

The level of truth in those statements is comparable to waking up in Philly on January 3rd and it is 85 degrees outside.  It ain’t happening.

The fact that is left out of these fake hustle products is that developing your body naturally requires consistency, quality-effort, and time.

Building a top-notch physique or performance cannot be achieved in a few weeks or months.  Overnight success is a mirage.

On Tuesday April 9th, 2019, my debut eBook, Use Speed To Get Lean will be released just in time for my favorite training time of the year which is sprint season.

Use Speed To Get Lean will give you the exact training programs that myself and my top clients have used for years to build stronger and leaner physiques.

Use Speed To Get Lean will include:

• A detailed overview on sprinting including how to warm-up and specific sprinting workouts for fat loss

• 12 week training programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifters

• A nutrition guide that identifies the foods you need to eat to get leaner

• An video exercises demonstration guide

• Q and A with The Fitman

There are no bombastic promises I will make with this eBook.

We did not get stronger and more muscular overnight.

We have trained, eaten, and lived in a certain fashion for many years that has allowed us to develop high performance physiques.

Those who follow the training program, the nutrition guide, and have great sleep and recovery habits will predictably get phenomenal results.

Those who are inconsistent with their training, eating, and sleeping habits will not see the progress that they actually could.

In the second scenario this eBook will be another product that some people claim “didn’t work for them.”

But for these people nothing in the universe will ever work for them.  This is because they fail to do the number 1 thing when it comes to getting results: be committed to the process.

When you do not commit, you will continue to be going nowhere fast.

Sprinting For Fat Loss

Use Speed To Get Lean is 10 years in the making.

I know the program works because I am the Weapon X of the program.  At age 35 and as certain folks would say seemingly “past my prime.”

The truth however is that I can outperform many younger athletes on the track and in the gym.

One of the phenomenal aspects of living the Fit Life is having markedly better health markers than many men who are much younger than I.

That is directly attributed to the information presented in Use Speed To Get Lean.

On April 9th, Use Speed To Get Lean will be available to the masses.  This is just in time for the start of sprint season.

Using the information in this eBook will allow you utilize the track correctly this season instead of wasting time jogging out there for hours.

The time to unleash your inner greatness is now.  Stay tuned for updates.


Get your copy of my sprinting eBook below.

Use Speed To Get Lean! The Sprinting Handbook For Lifters.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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Melanie D

Can’t wait for this book!

Get Your Copy Today!


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