There Is No Tomorrow

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Why wait for tomorrow for what you could do today?

Tomorrow is not promised to any man or any woman.  That is a guaranteed fact.

You could literally be here today and gone tomorrow.

That is not harsh but it is the reality of life.  There are no guarantees coming our way except death and taxes.

There is one principal that will show you why you cannot wait until tomorrow.  It is:

1) Do It Today

In order to allow yourself to do more and get closer to your goals you have to begin to do it today

Everyone has goals and aspirations of what they want to accomplish in life.

Are you a trainee looking to improve your body and health?  Start the process today.

Are you a couple looking to start a family?  Start the process today.

Are you an aspiring bodybuilder looking to step on the stage?  Start the process today.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to build your business?  Start the process today.

When you wait and procrastinate like I did during my youth you will waste opportunities.  Trust me when I say you will not be able to get them back.

Waiting for tomorrow cost me the opportunity to develop as an athlete in high school and then in college.  By the time I took it serious it was too late.

Waiting for tomorrow cost me the opportunity to be a better student.  By the time I shaped up into someone who actually embraced learning I was 29 years old.

Waiting for tomorrow cost me the opportunity to take control of my business during the early years.  By the time I went 100 percent into my business, I was 5 years into it.

Waiting for tomorrow is never a great plan of action because most times that tomorrow will never come.

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Think about folks who constantly put things off until tomorrow like their health, career, or even their relationship.

3 months pass.  No action.

6 months pass.  No action.

1 year passes.  No action.

5 years pass.  No action.

10 years pass.  No action.

The lack of action leads to a lot of regrets and many missed opportunities to unleash your inner greatness.

Time is the most valuable thing on the planet because once it is gone, it is completely gone and it will never return.

If I could get the time back I would of played sports during my junior high/high school years and maximized my athletic ability.

Knowing what I know now, I would of been a professional athlete.

But all is not lost.  If I can empower another high school kid who thinks he or she has all the time in the world to make better decisions with their life then I am fulfilling my goal.

Moving forward I want you to focus on doing things today.

The start of the process will feel as if you are going nowhere fast.  You will also make a lot of mistakes along the way.

But would you rather be the person who tried, failed, and then kept trying or the person who never even tries?


By getting started today you will save yourself the heartache and pain of having deep regrets in the future.

Your goals pertaining to your physique, business, family, etc are way too important to have to wait until tomorrow.

There is no tomorrow so strike now.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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Is “Talent Beats Hard Work” The Truth Or A Lie?
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Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams


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