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One of the great tragedies of natural figure competitions is the large amount of women who show up to these shows with absolutely no wheels.

I’ve seen figure competitors get angry and frustrated at shows when they place low in the gutter due to having horrendous legs.

But how can Francine Figure get mad when her leg workouts are nothing but pure garbage?

You always have to remember that your input determines your output.

For figure, the goal is to create legs that have sublime size, symmetry, and shape.

Therefore having round quads, thick hamstrings, and glutes that sit high and tight like a Marine’s haircut will drastically improve your chances of winning your class.

When you walk on stage with those infamous pipe cleaners for legs your lower body will stand out in a laughable way.  Your legs will also completely disappear and look real bad when you get into your side and rear poses.

Johanna Blume won the figure overall at the 2019 Ms. Natural Philadelphia.  Of every male and female competitor at the show Jo had the best legs by far.

3 weeks out from the 2019 Ms. Natural Philadelphia, Jo was filmed by DAHC Images during a strenuous leg day workout.

The way Jo trains her lower body is exactly how a competitor who wants to possess phenomenal legs should train for a figure competition.

The way my athletes, bodybuilders, training partners, and I train at The Center is all based on accountability.

Lifting more weight or doing more reps or reducing our rest periods keeps everyone honest when training.

This makes our workouts very difficult when you do them the way they are supposed to be done.

Coming in every week and doing the same weight with the same rep scheme has no place or value in the physique building game.

Jo’s figure leg workout will reveal what type of moxie you really have.  Even if you are in great shape, you will have major trouble completing this workout the first time around.

Some competitors think they are training hard until they actually have to train hard.

The majority of you bodybuilders and figure competitors reading this will not be able to finish this workout today.

The great news is that if you have mental toughness and have some dog in you, you will have a chance in the future to complete this workout at live speed.

Above all, if you believe you can do it, then it will happen!

Johanna Blume Figure Leg Day Workout 4/16/19

Dynamic Warm-Up

A) Safety Bar Bulgarian Split Squat 5×5
• ascending weight each set
• rest is about 30-60 seconds between legs and then about 2 minutes between sets
• her sets were 5 x 125lbs, 135lbs, 140lbs, 145lbs, and then 155lbs

B) Barbell Hack Squat 8×8
• rest is 30 seconds between sets
• her weight on the bar was 135lbs for rounds 1-4 and then 165lbs for rounds 5-8
• the final set has 1 and 1/4 reps and static holds

C) Barbell Hip Extension 8×8
• rest is 30 seconds between sets
• her weight on the bar was 105lbs for round 1-4 and then 115lbs for rounds 5-8
• the final set has 1 and 1/4 reps and static holds

D) Barbell Hip Thrust Pumper 3 x 12 (not in the video)
• rest was 1 minute between rounds
• her was weight on the bar was 355lbs for all 3 rounds
• the final rep has a static hold

E) Prowler Conditioning for 12 Minutes (not in the video)
• Jo ran the Prowler on the Hill at The Center which is 45 yards up a decent incline
• her weight was 130lbs total for the sled and her rest was the walking the sled back down the hill
• this drill always reveals the character of the bodybuilder or figure competitor


If you are a figure competitor then I challenge you to give Jo’s workout a try on your next leg day.

You will not make it through her workout initially but if you stay with it, you eventually will.

Above all, embrace that winners will always do what the losers are always unwilling to do.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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