how to do chin ups

Chin-ups are royalty in the iron game.

The action of grabbing a fixed bar and pulling yourself up has been around since the inception of the game.

Performing chin-ups consistently will allow you to build a back that has the appearance of being chiseled out of stone, but only if you do them right.

Today’s Gym Culture

Unfortunately, in today’s iron culture, the chin-up has been forgotten.  They are avoided like the unpopular teenager looking for a prom date (me in 2001).

Too many cats in the gym will flock to the lat pulldown or the seated machine rows when it comes to training their back.

They then complain when despite their efforts on those machines, they have nothing to show for it except a flat, two-dimensional back.

How many times have you walked into the standard commercial gym and witnessed men and women from all colors and creeds banging out healthy sets of chin-ups?  I’ll wait.

Many trainees would rather take the easy way out.  They would rather spend all of their time performing lat pulldowns, machine rows, and cable flyes.

Unless you are on special “supplements” the exclusive use of those movements will never lead you to develop a spectacular back.

Leader Of The Pack

Chin-ups are the stone-cold alpha wolf when it comes to back exercises.

The chin-up will give you everything that you want and need.  But it all starts with performing them correctly.

A lot of meatheads, if they do try to do chin-ups, do them with a pathetic, partial range of motion.

Doing 30 alligator arm chin-ups just does not count for anything except an artificially inflated ego.


Real movements create real changes in your physique.  Taking the easy way out will only lead you to be frustrated with your results in the long run.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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