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How To Build A Sprinter Body REVEALED:

how to build a sprinter body

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Building a lean, athletic sprinters’ body requires no treadmills, ellipticals, or any other boring, ineffective, machine-based “cardio”!

The Truth

When I look for a physique that is lean, muscular, and athletic I have to look no further than to sprinters.

What do sprinters do for the majority of their training?  They sprint!

Sprints are ridiculously effective for fat loss.

If all you did right now was add 3 days of sprinting to whatever your current training program is at the moment, you would get considerably leaner over the next few weeks.

When you combine sprinting, a progressive strength training program, and the appropriate diet/recovery, you will be a sight to behold!

Fat Will Lose

Fat loss is overwhelmingly the most sought after goal in the fitness game.

This is evidenced by the vast number of training programs and magazine headlines that focus on losing body fat.

Unnecessary body fat is our enemy and we are trying to destroy it at any cost.

Fat loss is an admirable goal but the popular training methodologies to lose fat are fatally flawed.

For starters, wasting all of your time in the “cardio” section of a lame commercial gym will put you on a road that leads to nowhere.

When I trained primarily in commercial gyms and would look back to the “cardio” section, I would see zero evidence of anyone who ever made me think 1-2 hours on the elliptical is a good idea.

Why waste that time doing fruitless work just because everyone else is doing it?

Remember stepping outside of the box is what leads to success.

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