do it for yourself

The main reason why you should be living the fit life is to improve your quality of life.

There is no better feeling in the world than being physically and mentally fit.

You will look and feel as close to superhuman as you possibly could without actually being a character in the Marvel Universe.

You should be living the fit life for you.


In today’s society, there is always a Ned Naysayer lurking in the shadows.

When you begin to better yourself the naysayers will appear like jealous vultures.

Some human beings have the tendency to act like crabs in a barrel when they see another person making positive changes.

Most people will try to pull that person back into their own dark barrel of ineptitude.

There is always someone who will tell you that you are doing it wrong.

Then there is always someone who will tell you that you can’t do it.

And of course there is always someone telling you that you made the wrong choice.

Reactions like this are simply that persons’ insecurities about their own failures or lack of effort in life coming to the surface.

If you let the Ned Naysayer’s rule your life then you will be going nowhere fast.

You should be living the fit life for you.  You have to do it for yourself.

Do It For Yourself

You are not living the fit life for your completely out-of-shape co-worker.

He judges you for training 5 days a week, but he cannot even walk up a flight of steps without huffing and puffing.

He can judge you for being fit, but he can barely walk up a few steps without running out of gas?  Next!

You are not living the fit life for your friends who tell you that “you look like a man.”

Ladies, your “friends” are jealous because you are looking leaner and curvier every day.

When you all went out last Friday night they could not believe how good you looked in your clothes.

Your calves were round and popping.

Your arms showed real definition.  And that butt was sitting high and tight like a Marine’s haircut!

Earlier in my career I once trained a young woman who fell prey to this.

She was looking like a brick stallion until her so-called friends convinced her that she looked like The Rock.  She quit training shortly after that.

It was a major disappointment but I learned a lot of about the jealous nature of some people that day.  Who knows what her potential could have been!

You are not living the fit life for your family members or friends who say exercise is a waste of time as he or she is popping pills everyday just to stay alive.

I know you love your family and I do too.

But you have to know that it is possible that the resistance will come from home.  You cannot let it deter you.

You are not living the fit life for the guys at the gym who laugh at you because you are 19 years old and are the real life version of a scarecrow.

I’ve been this super skinny guy.

Remember you are not training to impress them.  You are training to improve yourself and unleash your inner greatness.

By the time you are 30 years old you will have 11 years of hard training and good nutrition under your belt.

You will also have a superior, top 1 percent physique to match your efforts.

The vast majority of the clowns who mocked you will be absolutely out of shape by the time you all are 30 years old.  Trust me on that one.

You are not living the fit life for your spouse who says “You do not need to change.”

Not changing means staying the cot dang same.  And staying the same means you are not improving at all.

If you have serious health issues or body image/confidence issues that impact you, do you really want to stay the same?

Do you really want to stay sick and depressed?

You won’t be a functional, high-quality spouse if your ailments and mindset continue to get worse.

You must live this fit life for YOU.  You have to do it for yourself.

Love For The Game

In my entire life, my main training goal was never to impress women like most guys do.

I have never trained to post ab selfies online.  I never trained to get hollow “compliments” on Instagram.

My training goals have always been centered around:

• Improving my performance for sports
• Improving my physique for bodybuilding
• Enhancing my quality of life and confidence in myself
• Increasing my mental toughness through hard challenges

Better performances in the gym or on the track will always lead to a better physique.

Building strength, athleticism, and a superhero physique is a side effect of lifting weights, sprinting, eating correctly, managing stress, and getting good sleep.

I have no complaints about looking better but I never walked into the gym thinking “If I can get big biceps I can then I can finally impress Susan Shallow!”

When I was in college I was told by someone “You only train because you run track.  When you graduate you will be finished and out of shape like the rest of us!”

Carla Crabs statement was obviously misguided and completely false.

I was retired from track and field from 2005 to 2015 but I did not miss one scheduled training session during that time period.

I train because I love feeling great and nothing makes you feel greater than being healthy and strong.

I’ve been in love with the iron since the age of 14.  I’m what you would call a lifer.


I have a confession though: I have a dual purpose for living the fit life.

I do not just live the fit life for me.

My purpose on this planet is to live this fit life for you too.

I have to let you see how much better you will feel and how much better life is when you are strong and healthy.

Training hard, eating correctly, getting quality sleep, and reducing your stress levels are the basic rules of the game.

By following these rules you will have success.

You will build yourself a strong, respectable physique and you will have optimal health.  What is better than that?

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer

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