14 Day Performance Camp

$270 $97

Do you want to get faster in the 40-yard dash?

Are you looking to increase your vertical jump?

Do you want to become beastly strong and super conditioned?

If you are an athlete and answered yes to the above questions, then Fitman’s 14 Day Performance Camp is the answer for you!  During the 14 Day Performance Camp you will:

Get Faster

Increase your top end speed with specific workouts designed to increase acceleration and max velocity.

Get Explosive

Develop more power in your legs so that you can explode on the track, court, or field.

Get Stronger

Lift with proper form to build the raw strength and muscle that will make your body more resistant to injury.

What are athletes saying about Fitman Performance?

When I met Fitman in 2011, I was struggling to stay on the high school track team!  Through training with his performance programs, I was able to go from a second-rate high school sprinter to a Division 1 walk-on at Rider University.  His programs allowed me to increase my speed and performance in 200m and 400m dashes!
Johanna “Jojo” Blume
Pennsbury High School
Rider University

When I began training with Fitman, I was 14 years old.  I was a good baseball player, but I wanted to take my performance to the next level.  Training with Fitman over the last 2 years has allowed me to increase my performance on the field and earn a spot in Prep Baseball Report as the 2nd ranked position player in Pennsylvania!
Demetrius Deramus
William Penn Charter School

the fit team

Fitman’s 14 Day Performance Camp Program 

For 14 days you will work out 3 days per week at The Fitman Performance Center.  The program will cover:

Performance Training

Performance-based training sessions that are designed to increase an athletes’ speed, power, and strength.

Athlete Nutrition

Develop and learn about eating habits that will give you a decided advantage when you compete.


Learn how to properly recover in order to supercharge your performance and dominate your competition.

What do athletes do at The Center?

Check out how athletes train to improve their performances by training at The Center.

Athletes need objective measurements to gauge their progress.

Stopwatches and poor exercise form can lead to inflated numbers.  We do not waste time with stopwatches nor do we coach poor form.  The Center is home to the most accurate and accountable ways to measure progress just as they do at the NFL Combine.  We use:

Freelap Timing System

The Freelap Timing System allows us to test an athletes’ speed with extremely accurate electronic timing.


The Vertec allows athletes to accurately gauge their lower body power and explosiveness.

Proper Form

Using proper form when lifting leads to superior gains in strength and performance.

My 14 Day Performance Camp for Athletes is the ideal starting point for athletes to build a foundation of strength, speed, and power.  Sign up below.

Note:  You will be contacted within 24 hours of making your payment to set up your first training session.  Previous participants of the 14-Day Performance Camp are not eligible.