The time is almost here.

My comprehensive downloadable eBook, Use Speed To Get Lean will be available in 10 days.

I created this book to help lifters just like yourself learn how to sprint for fat loss, muscle growth, and increased athleticism.

Use Speed To Get Lean is the only eBook in the fitness game that shows lifters how to properly combine sprinting and lifting workouts to create a leaner and more athletic physique.

Here is a sneak peek as to what you will discover in the Use Speed To Get Lean downloadable eBook:

• Find out the 3 main benefits of why using the power of sprinting can help you get leaner and more athletic.  This will totally change your views on sprinting, and make you want to hit the track.

• Avoiding common sprinting mistakes so you can remain injury-free.  These are a must to learn!

• Discover how to warm-up correctly, and how to incorporate my unique sprint workouts.  This includes using hill sprints, short/medium/long sprints, and tempo runs to really maximize your physique and performance.

• You’ll get access to my 4 unique sprint programs that have been created specifically for lifters just like yourself.  Each program is broken down into 4-week routines.

• Find out the pros/cons of which types of surfaces you should be sprinting on.  You will even find out if sprinting outside in the winter time is good or bad for you.

• I’ll give you all the important information you need to know and understand when it comes to sprinting gear from shows, spikes, tights, blocks and just about everything in between!  Your gear should be a top priority, and I’ll tell you why!

• When you begin sprint, it’s vital that you understand the right way to fuel up with the proper nutrition in order to keep your energy high while also assisting with fat loss.  I’ll give you my personal recommendations for pre and post workout recovery.

• You’ll discover all the information above (plus even more) as well as a bonus Q&A section where I’ll answer some of the most common questions when it comes to sprinting and health.

To buy your copy of the eBook, please visit

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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