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This coronavirus pandemic forced the shut down of many brick and mortar businesses including my gym.

But as of June 26th, the Philadelphia suburbs, where my gym is located, will be able to open back up for in-person training sessions.

The stay at home order for businesses in Montgomery County has been lifted.

Although it’s a bit different I actually trained clients at my gym today.  I’m thrilled for my gym to be reopening and to be back in the in-person training game.

Virtual Game

Since March, some of my clients have been training online with virtual sessions through Skype.

A Skype session is nothing like in-person coaching.

You cannot duplicate the energy and nuances of a training session through a screen but it was necessary to do virtual sessions when the pandemic began.

I know for a fact that my clients who continued to train in that fashion will have an easier transition getting back into the gym.

Even with that said the first few weeks will be rough for people!

The Game Will Be Different

The Center being able to open back up is great news but the way we did things prior to the pandemic will be different.

If you think I’m going to open up and run the show in the same exact way that I did prior to this coronavirus pandemic, you are crazier than the Joker.

A Planet Fitness in West Virginia recently opened up with that old mindset.

One person at that gym tested positive for COVID-19.  That could happen at any gym, but this gym also had 205 people at their gym during that time frame that were potentially exposed.

We all know how contagious this coronavirus can be and it makes absolutely no sense to have that many people in the gym.

I’m not willing to pack people into my gym like in the pre-COVID 19 era because that just puts people at a higher risk of catching this coronavirus.

The landscape has changed and the only way this will work at the Center is by making the necessary changes.  We have to adapt, or we will cease to exist as a gym.

Nothing in life is risk-free.  But I’m going to give my best effort to minimize the risk of anybody getting COVID-19 while they are training.

The new changes that will be implemented for the reopening of my gym are below.

1) Scheduling

Before the pandemic I was able to run my gym in a way that allowed for a lot of interaction and culture building.

We would regularly have small groups of 4-12 people training at once with multiple trainers training multiple clients.

My clients didn’t even really have to make solid appointments.

I would let folks know that the Center would be open from say 4-8pm, and they could show up at anytime during that time frame to workout.

But out of a concern for their safety my laissezfaire scheduling policy is being suspended.

The inside of my gym has 1000 square feet of space and I cannot risk having 6, 8, or 10 people in there simultaneously during these pandemic times.

I do have a good-sized parking lot outside my gym that we also use for speed/power training and hard conditioning workouts.

That parking lot (on clear days) will dramatically help with social distancing but when it rains, the parking lot cannot be used effectively.

Client sessions will have to be at specifically scheduled times to limit the Center from getting overcrowded.

Going back to 1-on-1 or even 1-on-2 client training sessions will be a throwback for me.

I just don’t have the ability to have overlapping sessions at the moment because it would be risky and careless.

Scheduling will definitely be limited so give us a call or text at 267-460-1790 to reserve your spots.

Please leave your name and a brief message if we are unable to talk to you at that time.  Calls made without messages will not be returned.

2) Social Distancing

Social distancing will not be a problem because I’m absolutely limiting the amount of people who will be in the Center at once.

We can easily move around in the Center without getting too close since the amount of people in the gym will be restricted.

I have other coaches who train their clients at the Center as well.  But we recently had a meeting and have adapted our schedules so that we do not overlap.

3) Hand Washing

Prior to a training session, all clients will wash their hands before starting.

They should also wash their hands prior to leaving the gym after their session is over.

4) Masks

Wearing the mask has been a part of public life here in Pennsylvania since April.

The decision for clients to wear a mask during their workout is a decision they will have to make entirely.

I’m not mandating clients to wear a mask while they workout.

Wearing a mask will inhibit your breathing during intense exercise.  So you will have to decide if that works or does not work for you.

5) Temperature Checks

I have a touchless forehead thermometer for temperature checks.

According to the CDC, anything at 100.4 and over is considered a fever.  If that is the case you will need to leave and seek medical attention.

6) Sanitizing

I’ve got a powerful disinfectant solution known as Barbercide (I’ve been a licensed barber since 2008) to clean all the iron and the surfaces in the gym.

7) High School Tracks

Anybody who trains at The Center knows that we go to local high school tracks and fields to run sprints during the spring and summer.

Some of these facilities have started to open back up, so we will be able to use them.

I love the track because it allows for a great amount of social distancing.


The reopening of my gym took place today and it went wonderfully.

We have to work together to ensure we have a safe environment to train in and continue on the path to unleashing our inner greatness.

I’ll holla at you next time,
The People’s Trainer

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