health is wealth

The true wealth of a person lies in their health.

What is the thing that an unhealthy rich man, who is in pain every day, will trade all his money for?

It is not more cars, more women, or more fame.

The one thing the unfit rich man will trade all of his money for is a clean bill of health.

Your health is your wealth.  It is the most valuable thing you possess, and you have 100 percent control over how you treat yourself.

Being in good health or in bad health will dictate your quality of life.  I have 2 principles today that will show you why your health is truly your wealth.

1) Living The Fit Life Is The Fountain Of Youth

During the many chapters of human history, we have looked for ways to appear more youthful.

We have hair dyes to try to cover up the grays.  We have teeth whiteners to hide the yellow.

There are skin creams and body tonics that promise to tighten up the skin.  We even have plastic surgeons giving folks new faces, breasts, booties, and whatever else they want to be replaced.

But why?

Because youth has always been and will always be something that humans will chase.  Everyone is guilty of it, including me.

Chasing youth is not a bad thing, but it all depends on how you go about it.

I’m not anti-surgery, but I am pro-truth.

Filling your body up with plastic may make you appear youthful on the outside, but it is obviously fake looking.

Plus, you have not truly made yourself any younger by going under the knife.

What about your innards?  All you did was add some new cosmetic pieces like a person would add to an old, dilapidated car.

A weathered and worn out 1996 Chevy Cavalier with new paint and rims is still a weathered and worn out 1996 Chevy Cavalier on the inside.

The true fountain of youth is living the Fit Life.

Living the Fit Life includes you vigorously training 3 to 4 times per week.

Living the Fit Life includes you making the proper food choices at the table.

Another important part of living the Fit Life includes you getting quality sleep and living a low-stress life.

By consistently living the Fit Life, you will ensure that your quality of life remains as high as it can possibly be.

This is how you can be 40, 50, 60, or even 70 years old and be mistaken for someone who is much younger.  There is no better compliment than hearing that!

2) Your Quality of Life Matters

When you know your health is your wealth, you begin to look at your health like a savings account.

Every time you train hard and eat correctly, you are saving.

Every day you get great sleep and have minimal stress, you are saving.

Saving will lead to a higher quality of life.  But there is another side to this coin.

For example, when you do not train consistently, and you eat junk every day, you are not saving anything.

When you are not well-rested, and you are over-stressed, you overdraw on your health account.

Everyone knows your situation is not good when you are living on credit and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Living like this leads to a low-quality life.  I’ve been there.

When you neglect your health, your quality of life will go down like an elevator going from the 10th floor to the basement.

It could be countless, preventable trips to the doctor.

It could be getting sick often.

Perhaps it could be filling up on pain pills every week.

Maybe it could be having a body that is weak both physically and mentally.

Imagine not being able to travel anywhere because your health will not allow it.

That is no way to live.  Just because you are alive does not mean that you are actually living.

Now look, Father Time is undefeated.  It doesn’t matter if you are super fit or unfit your time will come.

But the true question is not about how much time.  The quantity of time is not as important as the quality of that time.

Do you want to age gracefully and live to be 65, 75, maybe even 85 years old but still be mobile and strong for your age?

A meaningful 75 years in which your good health allowed you to have a great impact on those around you is a fantastic life.

Or would you rather live to 75 with the last 30-40 years of your life spent taking pills and living in pain every single day?

Would you rather arrive at 75 and your bad health has limited you from actually enjoying life?

Being limited by your health is a bad predicament to be in, but it is completely preventable.  In other words, living the Fit Life will ensure that you will live a quality life.

Some other ways to live the Fit Life are:

• Go travel.

• Consistently read great books and listen to life-changing motivational speakers.

• Learn something new.

• Take care of your teeth.  (Floss!)

• Let out some laughs.

• Hang out with people who inspire you and make you better.


We cannot do everything perfectly because we are human.  But we can make an effort to protect our health.

Taking care of yourself will enable you to be mobile, strong, active, mentally sharp, and looking great for many years.

Above all we only get one body so let’s take care of it.  Your health is your wealth.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer

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Wise words, Fitman. Good health is everything.

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