Fitman Performance Football Combine

Are you a high school or college football player who wants to get faster, jump higher, and increase his conditioning level?

Knowing exactly where you are is the best way to know exactly what you need to improve upon.  Winners get better and losers stay the same or get worse.

A smart athlete who has a goal to maximize his talent will take heed to this advice and begin to focus on and improve upon his weak areas.

Michael Jordan did not come into the NBA with a great jumpshot, but eventually he turned his patented fade away jumpshot into the most unstoppable move in basketball since Kareem’s sky hook.

An arrogant athlete may think he or she is already good enough and does not need any additional work on their game or body.

These athletes always fall short of the goals they have set out for themselves as natural talent will only take you so far before that well runs dry.

For a football player, knowing where you are in terms of speed, power, and conditioning will let you know what areas of fitness you need to improve upon in order to take your game to the next level.

Having the measurables plus the ability to play the game of football at a high level is how you will end up playing Division 1 instead of dogging it and barely making a Division 3 roster.

On July 6th 2019 at 10am, The Fitman Performance Center will host our second Football Combine.  I will be joined by Assistant Performance Coach Joe Morrison and Performance/Football Skills Coach Warren Harvey at this year’s event.

The cost is $10 per athlete.  The combine will be open to all middle school, high school, and collegiate football players, from ages 12-21, who live in Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Chester Counties.

If you live outside of the Philadelphia area and you want to enter the combine you are more than welcome to The Center.  We want football players all across the land to get better.

To get into the combine, please purchase your reservation below.  For more information about The Center click here.

Once you know where you are, we can then help you map out the route that will get you to where you need to be.

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The events listed below will be tested at the combine.

40 Yard Dash

40 Yard Dash

Timed with the Freelap Timing System (electronic) to ensure flawless accuracy with your times.  No hollow hand times.

Vertical Jump

Tested with the Vertec for precision.

Broad Jump

Measured with measuring tape to ensure accuracy.

Shuttle Run

Timed with the Freelap Timing System (electronic) to ensure flawless accuracy with your times.  No hollow hand times.

The Equalizer

This drill will reveal your true character. 

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Reserve your spot in the combine below.  For any questions, you can contact Fitman Performance by:

Calling or Texting The Center at 267-460-1790

Emailing The Center at

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