Do you consider yourself a lifter or trainee who’d like to develop a phenomenal physique?

Do you want to build serious muscle, drop unwanted fat, and boost your confidence through the roof?

Would you like to do it all without wasting your precious time on traditional “cardio” machines?

If you want to get that lean and ripped body, it’s time you step your game up and train like an athlete.

This means getting back to the most essential and impactful basics of sprinting and lifting workouts.  Getting into great shape is not a complicated process.

There’s something truly gratifying when you can step out on an open track and use the natural forces of your own body to transform your body and mind.

What you’ll discover is how to use the power of SPRINTING along with specific lifting workouts and a simple nutrition system to totally change the way you look and feel.

Use Speed To Get Lean is proven information that works.  Not only have I used these methods for myself with great success, but so have many of my loyal clients.

Use Speed To Get Lean is the only eBook in the fitness game that shows trainees how to properly combine sprinting and lifting to create a leaner physique.

We are one month away until the first sprinting based eBook in the fitness game will be available for purchase.

Enjoy the Use Speed To Get Lean official trailer and visit for more details on this groundbreaking eBook.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,


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