The fast food game has evolved drastically over time.

In the past it was all about greasy burgers, fried chicken, fries, and thick milkshakes.

Eating that meal every day will have your body looking softer than the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

As of the present time, there are multiple options that are healthier for you.

An athlete, a bodybuilder, or a lifter can use these options to build and keep a lean physique.

The New King Of The Ring

One of the more popular options today is actually one of my favorite places to go: Chipotle.

It is more than possible for you to have a healthy meal at Chipotle that will not add excess body fat to your frame.

The problem that most people have when they go to Chipotle is that they load up on meals that have way too many carbs and fats.

Meals that are high in carbs and high in fats will always equate to you consuming more calories.

And as a result eating too many calories will always lead to you gaining bad weight (fat).

In today’s world most people are all about doing whatever they want to do without a regard for any consequences for their health.

This includes eating whatever they want whenever they want.

Most people live like this but then often complain when their body looks and feels like Play-Doh.

You do not have the right to complain about how you look when you are not willing to be disciplined enough to make better choices.

Complaining without taking action is one of the ultimate examples of fake hustle.

What Is A Typical Meal At Chipotle?

Here is the typical meal that most people get when they eat at Chipotle:

• Flour burrito (carb)
• Rice (carb)
• Beans (carb)
• Chicken (protein)
• Sour Cream (fat)
• Guacamole (fat)
• Cheese (fat)
• Soda or Juice (carb)

The ratio of carbs and fats to protein in this meal is an absolute abomination!

As a result this meal is a cot dang disaster for building the physique.  It is low in protein and sky-high in carbs and in fats.

[bctt tweet=”You do not have the right to complain about how you look when you are not willing to be disciplined enough to make better choices.” username=”fitman83″]

Eating meals that are high in carbs and fats loads your body with way too many calories (energy) at once.

Having a full tank of the right type of gas (carbs/glycogen) is great when the energy is going to be used for a workout.

But because most peoples’ only workout is running their mouth, this energy is not used.

The unused energy stores as body fat over time.  In addition, most of this body fat goes directly to a now protruding gut and a wide, flat butt.

In other words, most people end up looking like Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, or the dreaded skinny fat person (I’ve been him).

You do not have to be an Einstein to see that carrying too much body fat is not healthy at all despite some bogus current media narratives.

The better option for someone trying to build muscle or lose body fat would be to choose a meal that is high in protein with moderate carbs or moderate fat.

The high protein diet has not failed anyone whose goal was to build muscle and lose fat.

How To Eat Healthy At Chipotle

I wish Chipotle was around when I was coming up as a young sprinter in college.

For us the main options for fast food in Abington were the Golden Arches, Wawa, and Subway.

Subway was once touted as the “healthy” option.  But it was just hot garbage that would have my stomach spinning like waves under a du-rag.

While Chipotle is not perfect (nothing in this world is) it is significantly better than all of the options above!

When you go to Chipotle you have three options that are conducive to you not blowing up like a blimp.  They are:

High Carb/High Protein/Low Fat

The high carb option is the meal option that I have the most often before I train.

My super metabolism can handle the energy input and this meal gives me the juice needed to train hard without running out of gas.  This meal is higher in carbs and is ideal for pre and post-workout.

• Burrito (or just the bowl for fewer carbs)
• Rice
• Beans
• Double Meat
• Peppers and Onions or Mild Salsa
• Water

Low Carb/High Protein/High Fat

This meal is higher in fat.  It is great for an off-day or for workouts that do not require as much energy.

• Bowl
• Beans or Rice (small scoop)
• Double Meat
• Peppers and Onions or Mild Salsa
• Guacamole
• Shredded Cheese
• Water

Moderate Carb/High Protein/Moderate Fat

This meal has moderate carbs and moderate fats.  This meal could be consumed pre/post workout and/or on off days:

• Bowl
• Beans or Rice (1 large scoop of one or 2 medium scoops of both)
• Double Meat
• Peppers and Onions or Mild Salsa
• Guacamole
• Water


• For those who struggle with eating a serving of double meat you can just order the regular portion with your meal.

• The big juice or soda you used to order has been completely eliminated.  Excess calories coming from a 32 oz soda do nothing positive for your physique or your teeth.

• Since you will actually be drinking water instead of sneaking a Coke into that water cup the employees won’t look at you funny.

• Some people think they are beating the system by putting soda in the water cup.  Ultimately you are losing because consuming all of that excess sugar over time only hurts you.


If you fail to plan then you should plan to fail.

Therefore, having a game plan for every time you walk into Chipotle will save you from thinking you are eating “healthy” but still getting fat.

When you have these meals from Chipotle at the correct times during your day, you will see drastic improvements with your training performance and your physique.

You can eat healthy at Chipotle, but you have to want to do it.  If you do not want to eat healthier, then you do not really want a leaner body.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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