Are you struggling with getting real results from your workout?  Let’s check out a common scenario for many trainees.

Scenario C

Many trainees or lifters have been going to the gym for a number of months or years and have no measurable results to show for it.

Maybe you are not making the type of progress that you should be making.

Perhaps you are not getting stronger and your body really does not look much different than it did when you started.  It might actually look worse.

I know this absolutely infuriates you.  It should!

I know you are constantly going home and asking yourself “Why can I not get any results from my workout?”  I’ll tell you why.

You are not SERIOUS.

Why so NOT serious?

Why so NOT serious?

When you are not truly serious about working out, how can you expect to get great results?

When you treat your workout like it is a joke, the only thing that will be funny is your lack of results.

I do not want that for you.  I want you to get the maximum benefits from living the Fit Life.

There are three things that indicate you are not serious about working out.  Let’s talk about what you can start to do to actually get phenomenal results.

1) You Stop and Start

You trained hard for 2 weeks, and then you did not train at all for 3 weeks.

Then you trained for 1 week followed by not training for 5 days.

After that, you kind of trained for 2 days followed by another 2 weeks off.

This pattern of inconsistency will not allow you to make any headway with your physique.

In order to truly improve your physique, you have to give a consistent, quality effort.  No one who built a great body developed it by being inconsistent with their training.

How can you solve this dilemma?

You will start by choosing 2-5 training days (3-4 is ideal) each week.  How many days you train each week will be based on your overall goal.

If you choose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then make sure you train on those days.  Outside of major emergencies, there are no exceptions to this.

Don’t skip training because your TV show is coming on.

Don’t skip training because it is raining outside.

And please don’t skip training because there is a little bit of traffic.  Make your workout a priority or getting great results will never become a reality.

2) You Are Always Talking Junk

Do you know someone who lets you know every single thing that they are about to do, but they never follow through?

As their friend, you listen.  But when you look at it objectively you realize that the person is full of hot air.

In training, I hear and see it all the time.

“Yo, I’m about to lose 20lbs!”

“Man, I’m about to do a bodybuilding show!”

“Girl, I’m about to build this beach body for vacation!”

“Bro, I’m about to get serious about my diet!”

“Coach, I’m about to get ready for football season!”

Talking without action is pure fake hustle.

99 percent of the time the goals go unrealized.  Just because you posted it on Instagram to get cheap likes does not mean it is going to happen.

Talking about it never got it done but taking action always gets it done.

If you are serious about working out, you do not have to talk about it nonstop.

Develop your plan of action, write it down, and go to work.

3) You Have No Accountability In Your Training Program

This one is big time like Tom Brady.

You trained last week and benched 135lbs for 3 sets of 10.  4 weeks later you did the same thing and now 20 weeks later you are still doing the same dang thing.

Meanwhile, you still have the same bird chest you started with.  Why?

Because you are not holding yourself accountable!

You see your body responds to challenges.  If your training does not challenge you then it is definitely not going to change you.

You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  If you are using a real training program there will be times when your workouts will be very uncomfortable.

Hard training is uncomfortable, but it will change you in a positive way.  Training hard will allow you to have a better body and develop mental toughness.

You can be accountable with yourself by using a training log.

You can record your numbers and focus on improving on them each week.  When your loading parameters (weight/reps/rest) improve then your body adapts wonderfully.

If you are not going to be accountable with yourself then you need to find someone who will hold you accountable.

This person would be called an accountability partner.  I have clients who have accountability partners and I will say it keeps them on track.

Having someone with a similar goal who will not allow you to cheat yourself is invaluable.

If you are not moving forward then you are either staying stagnant or you are in a decline.

Men and women both lie but the mirror and the bar never lie.


In closing, you have to get serious about training in order to get into phenomenal shape.

By staying consistent, not talking junk, and being accountable to yourself, you will have success in the iron game and be able to develop the body that you want.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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  • I am inspired! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this valuable information available for everyone. It’s like universal healthcare! Bravo and keep up the good work.

    • Diana,

      Your “universal healthcare” analogy might the greatest comment ever left on my website!

      Thanks for reading I appreciate it. I’m glad this article could inspire you.


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