weight gainer for skinny guys

There are a lot of weight or “mass” gainer powders available on the market for skinny guys.

Many of them promise big gains in muscle and strength.

But since many weight gainer powders on the market are filled with cheap sugars, they typically create bigger but also significantly fatter lifters.

As the definitive former skinny guy, I fell for all the tricks when I was a younger man.

This article is so that my fellow skinny brethren can avoid wasting money on bogus “mass” gainers.

The Real Goal

The goal when adding weight to your body is aim to make the majority of those gains muscle.

Nobody, at least us skinny natural guys, can gain 20lbs of scale weight over the next few months and expect all of it be pure muscle.

When your goal is purely gaining mass, you will bring some fat with you as a part of the process.

But if you do things correctly you can absolutely minimize the fat gain.

If you are training, eating, and recovering properly, then the majority of the weight you do gain will be hard muscle.

We do not want to add on any type of weight just to see the scale go up.

Seeing the scale go up serves as psychological boost for many skinny guys.  That is until they look in the mirror and see a dough body looking back.

99 Problems And Being Skinny Is One

Training hard has never been a problem for me.

But I used to be the skinny guy who struggled to build muscle due to a lousy diet and bad recovery.

I would complain about not being able to gain weight even though I was shooting myself in the foot with a sawed off shotty.

Many skinny guys complain about gaining size but most of them eat like birds and sleep like giraffes.

Many skinny guys complain about being weak but they train with no passion or plan.  They are afraid to push some real weight in the gym.

To maximize your muscle gains, your macros and calories have to be on point along with your training, recovery, and stress levels.

You should be in a caloric surplus to build more muscle, but you do not need so many calories that you start to look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

A mass gainer is used to supplement an already great diet.

Skinny guys, who are eating 2000 calories a day in food, can add another 1000 calories a day to their total with my weight gainer shake.

The added calories combined with hard training and good sleep habits will lead that skinny man to be a bigger, stronger, and more muscular man.

The same deal goes for the ladies too.

If you are looking to add some mass and enhance your curves it comes down to training, eating enough food, getting high-quality sleep, and reducing your stress levels.

Adding my weight gainer to the mix can add another 1000 calories to their daily total as well.

You should be in a caloric surplus to build more muscle, but you do not need so many calories that you start to look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Click To Tweet

But if your diet is not in order and your total calories are too low, the mass gainer will not help you gain size.

Staying up scrolling the gram until 3am, waking up at 7am, eating like a bird, and spending all of your training time in the “cardio” section will have you going nowhere fast.

Fitman’s Weight Gainer Shake For Skinny Guys And Girls

The shake below is the exact one that I drink.

Feel free to use your own favorite protein powder if you choose.  But let me tell you the Native Ascent is super clean and it tastes phenomenal.

Combine all of these items in a blender with ice and mix.  The ingredients are:

• 8 oz Organic Low Fat Skim Milk

• 1 Scoop of Native Ascent Vanilla Protein Powder

• 1 Scoop of Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder

• 1 Banana

• 1 Tbsp of Organic Peanut Butter

Total Calories: 587
Carbs: 74g (30g sugar)
Protein: 47g
Fat: 16g


Skinny guys and girls should have my weight gainer shake two times each day.

This gives you almost an additional 1200 calories each day added to your total.

Because of the sugar content (14g a piece from the milk and the banana) the best times of day to have this shake would be first thing in the morning and then again after your workout.

If you are naturally skinny you probably will never weigh 200lbs and be super ripped.  The only way to pull that off is to be very tall (6’4″ and over) or take anabolic steroids.

But you absolutely do not have to spend your life as a gangly scarecrow.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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