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Here in America, Tuesday (11/3/2020) is Election Day.

In a year that has seen the arrival of a deadly global pandemic, increased racial tensions, and a divided country, we have arrived at the 2020 Election.

Now, some of you reading today may have already voted by mail-in vote or by an absentee ballot.

For some of you all who are in the vulnerable population because of Covid-19, that was simply the better option.

But if the mail-in or early voting in your state is over (check your official state or local government websites for confirmation) then Tuesday will be your last chance to cast your vote in-person at the polls.

As I’ve always done I will be at the polls on Tuesday to cast my vote in the 2020 Election.

But this year is different because we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has changed how we conduct business.

If you are going to vote in person, there are a few things you must do in-order to keep yourself safe in these pandemic times.

1) Plan to get to the polls before they close.  Check with your official local and state websites to get the correct information on when your polls open and close.

2) Wear your mask at the polling location.  Protect yourself and others from the possible spread of Covid-19 by wearing your mask.

3) Stay socially distanced.  Remain 6 feet away from other people if you are in line.

4) Bring the appropriate clothing and possibly food.  In most of the country, the temperatures are getting colder so make sure you have the right clothing in case you have to wait in a line outside.

5) Expect the unexpected.  Voter intimidation or suppression could happen anywhere so be aware of anything out of the ordinary.

We Need Positive Changes

Now I could get into a whole political conversation but I’m going to try to keep this as succinct as possible.

America has never been perfect, but in my time on this planet I’ve never seen such a great divide between people.  There is a noticeable tension in the air.

For this country to move forward and out of this divisive era, we need serious changes across the board.  I talked about a lot of the changes that we need relating to racism, police brutality, and education in my June article, Black Pain In America.

We have to elect/select a candidate who is not about dividing the people, fanning the flames of racism, and consistently lying about the state of affairs.  It’s unfortunate, but the current president is all about those things.

This election is major.  And I’m endorsing Joe Biden for president.

In order to move forward, we need a real plan, strength, character, and resolve.  I believe Joe Biden brings that to the table.

Joe Biden being elected as president will not be an overnight, magic pill to cure all of our societal ills.  Rebuilding, whether it is your body or in this case, the country, will require time and patience for us to heal and grow.

But I believe that electing Joe Biden is the first step to starting that process.

We also have to show each other respect and treat each other with kindness.

I’ve seen videos online of classless people shouting obscenities and racial slurs at strangers.  I’ve seen videos of folks fighting over wearing a mask.

Recently in-person I’ve witnessed people going at each other hard in a Trader Joe’s parking lot.  Is this really where we are?

When my vote is cast I want the person I voted for to live up to what they promised in the campaign.  I don’t want to get bamboozled by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I’ve watched Joe Biden’s campaign play out and I like the plans I’m hearing and reading about.

I want someone in office who will make real policy changes (along with Congress) on the issues that I find most critical which include healthcare and reform with policing.

With that being said you must know that the President is only one part of the puzzle.  No one man or woman, who becomes the President runs the show on their own.

The real story and power lies in Congress because Congress makes the laws.  What happens in the Senate and in the House play the critical parts in what the President can actually do while they are in office.

So if you do not like the laws of the land, you have to elect lawmakers who actually want to help.


It is time to make your voice heard.  The direction that this country has gone down in the last 4 years cannot be the direction we go down for the next 4.

Be safe!

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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