sprinting for fat loss

If more lifters used sprinting for fat loss instead of lame “cardio” more lifters would be leaner and more athletic.

You see, the most popular goal in the iron game for most lifters is FAT LOSS.

This is evidenced by the number of training programs and magazine headlines that focus on losing body fat.  Unnecessary body fat is our enemy, and we are trying to destroy it at any cost.

Fat loss is an admirable goal, but the popular training methodologies to lose fat are fatally flawed.

Spending all of your time in the “cardio” section of the gym is a very ineffective way to lose body fat.

When I trained primarily in commercial gyms and I would look back to the “cardio” section, I would see zero evidence of anyone who made me think 1-2 hours on the elliptical is a good idea.

Why waste that time doing fruitless work just because everyone else is doing it?  Remember stepping outside the box is what leads to success.

When I look for a physique that is lean, muscular, and athletic I have to look no further than to sprinters.

The 1 million dollar question is what do sprinters do for the majority of their training?  They sprint!

Sprinting is ridiculously effective for fat loss.

In fact, if all you did right now was add 3 days of sprinting to whatever your current training program is at the moment, you would get considerably leaner over the next few weeks and months.

When you combine sprinting, a progressive strength training program, and the appropriate diet, you will be a sight to behold!

There are 3 distinct reasons why sprinting is the apex predator of conditioning and is vastly superior to any form of traditional “cardio.”

1) You Will Save Time

Do you truly want to stay on a soul-draining device like a treadmill or elliptical for 1-2 hours just to have the machine tell you that you burned 148 calories?  Are you kidding me?!

Why not do more work in a fraction of the time?

A full sprinting workout for fat loss will average anywhere from 15-25 minutes if you perform it correctly.  The old adage of quality over quantity applies here.

While you are performing this sprint training you will be decimating body fat, building glutes of steel, and developing thick hamstrings.

I have never met anyone in life who could not appreciate glutes that sit high and tight like a military fade.  You cannot achieve this in the “cardio” section.

Use your time wisely and get your butt to the track.

2) You Will Build Muscle and Drop Body Fat

Sprints are the one move that can achieve this effect.

When a lifter spends hours doing “cardio” at some point they begin to sacrifice muscle mass.  Sacrificing muscle is never the goal when it comes to physique building.

When your conditioning is short, hard, and to the point like sprinting is, you will build and retain your muscle mass while kicking body fat in the rear.

Sprinting is similar to lifting weights in that the contractions of the muscle during the exercise are intense.

When you consistently repeat sprinting over time, the muscles in your legs will grow and become leaner.

Your glutes and hamstrings will be the main muscles that benefit from sprinting, as you will go from a human to a stallion.

3) You Will Develop Mental Toughness

I have done many types of lifting and conditioning workouts.

I’ve done high and low volume lifting.

I created a rest-pause training system and used it to take my physique to the natural bodybuilding stage.

I’ve done supersets, tri-sets, Gironda 8 x 8, and HIT.

You can also throw in The Punisher Workout Vol. 1 and 2.

These are some of the hardest training methods of all time, but I would choose any of those workouts over running repeat 300 meter sprints any day of the week.

Sprint training makes you want to die at times.  It can be that dang unbearable.

There is no worse feeling than these things happening:

your heart is beating out of your chest.

at the same time your glutes and hamstrings are pumped up beyond belief.

while that is happening your abdominals are cramping.

as you round the turn your shoulders are getting tight.

your mind wants to quit.

and you still have 100 meters to go on your 3rd of 5 300’s for the day.

I have also trained with many training partners over the years.  At some point, we will sprint as it is the crown jewel of my training program.

The vast majority of these trainees never returned after one session.  I do not say this to brag, but I say this to let you know that you need mental toughness to consistently perform sprint workouts.

I have been involved with sprinting, competitively and non-competitively, since the 4th grade.  And I know for a fact that my mental toughness is much greater because of those heinous workouts over the years.

Without mental toughness, you will fold at the first sign of adversity.

If you have hip/knee/ankle/foot issues you must heal and rehabilitate your body before you begin to sprint.  This will be done through consistent mobility and recovery techniques.


Sprinting is the most powerful movement you can do.  Running at a high speed makes you feel youthful and spry.

By implementing sprinting into your training program, you will supercharge your fat loss efforts and be on the path to building a leaner and more athletic body.

Do not accept being average.  You have to be willing to do what average folks are not willing to do in order to get to the next level.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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