The Fitman Performance

Coaching System

My journey of working to build the complete physique led me to compete in natural bodybuilding.

The Online Program

The Fitman Performance Online Coaching System
is the program for you whether it is the offseason or pre-contest.


Without a nutrition plan that is specific for bodybuilding, your chances of having success at a show are zero.

There are many fad diets out here, but you need a plan that will work for you. Knowing how to eat is vital to maximizing your physique.


Your training program is based on my Fit Coast Offense Training System.

This training system has been nationally published on highly respected bodybuilding websites such as T-Nation and Muscle and Strength. You will see wonderful results, but more importantly, you will build character.


can be a lonely time.

One of my goals during this period is to keep you focused on what you signed up to do which is compete.

We are a team and I want to see you succeed as much as you want to succeed.

The Fitman Performance

Athlete Program

As a former NCAA athlete, I know that the worst feeling an athlete can encounter is being unprepared mentally and physically.  The Fitman Performance Athlete program is the answer to those problems.



Get stronger, faster, more agile and more powerful.



Forge the mental toughness needed to deal with adversity.



Increase your performance on the track, court, or field

We are not going to waste time using trendy or gimmicky techniques.

The majority of those things are fake hustle and have no value.  We are going to focus on the mastery of the basic tools that will allow you to unleash your inner greatness and to develop yourself into the athlete that you are capable of becoming.  The program can be used by athletes of any age.


Unleash is the ultimate group training session for the beginner or the intermediate trainee.


Unleash will focus on 4 main goals during each training session:


Getting strong in the foundational movements.


Being out of shape has never been cool.

Mastering Form

No half-repping here.

Forging Character

This will not be for everyone.

You now know what needs to be done.  Let’s take your performance and physique to the next level.