Posing Class And Contest Prep 

• All posing will follow OCB or NGA posing standards.
• Call Or Text Me at 267-460-1790.
• Email Me at Fitman@FitmanPerformance.com.
• Competitors of all levels are welcome.

Upcoming Local Natural Shows:

* 2/26/2022: OCB Double Down Natural (Atlantic City, NJ)
* 3/26/2022: OCB Garden State Classic (Bloomfield, NJ)
* 4/2/2022: NGA Mr/Ms. Natural Philadelphia (Feasterville, PA)
* 4/23/2022: OCB Best Of The Burgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
* 5/7/2022: OCB Catonsville Conquer (Baltimore, MD)

* 5/21/2022: OCB Jersey Natural Open (Burlington, NJ)
* 6/26/2022: USBF Battle Of York (York, PA)
* 7/30/2022: OCB All-Natural PA Classic (Harrisburg, PA)
* 8/6/2022: OCB Big Apple (New York, NY)
* 8/13/2022: OCB Presidential Cup (Baltimore, MD)
* 8/27/2022: OCB Mid-Atlantic Battle For The Belt (Burlington, NJ)
* 9/18/2022: OCB Tribute To 9/11 Heroes (Westchester, NY)
* 10/8/2022: OCB Chesapeake Classic (Baltimore, MD)

* Pro Qualifier

Who Is Fitman?

Hey, everybody, it’s your man Fitman.

I competed in natural bodybuilding from 2010-2014.  My contest record is below:

1) 2011 Mr. Natural Philadelphia: 7th out 12 in the Open Lightweight Class

2) 2011 Beyond Nutrition Natural: 7th out of 11 in the Open Tall Class

3) 2012 Beyond Nutrition Natural: 9th out of 9 in the Open Tall Class

4) 2012 Mr. Natural Philadelphia: 6th out of 12 in the Open Middleweight Class

5) 2014 Mr. Natural Philadelphia: 5th out of 12 in the Open Middleweight Class *

6) 2014 OCB Jersey Natural Open: 6th out of 12 in the Open Tall Class

* Top 5 finish in class.  Placed.

I haven’t won a show yet, but each stage experience has taught me more about contest prep.  I have also been coaching natural bodybuilders and figure competitors since 2012.

Most recently I coached the 2019 Ms. Natural Philadelphia overall winner Johanna Blume.  She won the title of Ms. Natural Philadelphia at her very first show.

What allowed her to stand out from the pack was the combination of her following her contest prep regimen and proper posing techniques.

When you know how to properly pose, you can maximize your strong points and minimize your weak points on stage.

I promise that you will absolutely be embarrassed on stage when your posing looks like you started practicing the day before the show. 

I’ve seen great physiques ruined by lousy posing.  It’s maddening to see.

What Will I Learn?

My goal is to get natural bodybuilders sharper and extremely confident with their posing.

My posing classes are ideal for any natural bodybuilder who wants to learn how to properly pose on stage.  My class includes:

* Posing for women’s figure and physique
* Posing for men’s bodybuilding and classic physique
* A simulation of the contest, including pre-judging and evening routines
* Q and A on off-season and pre-contest dieting, training, conditioning, recovery, and supplements
* Contest specific questions relating to shaving and tanning
* Q and A addressing bodybuilding mythology

Note:  I do not offer posing practice for bikini competitors.

In fairness to you, I have not mastered those posing techniques yet.  Bikini competitors are still welcome to come to learn about training, dieting, and recovery.  I have no problem helping bikini competitors prepare for a competition outside of posing.

When I master the posing for bikini (or hire a professional to teach it), they will be immediately added to the posing class.

What Should I Wear?

You should wear whatever makes you comfortable, but this is bodybuilding.

You need to be able to see your entire physique in order to view your progress and see what poses work best for your body.  My recommendations are:

• Posing trunks (bodybuilding)
• Short compression shorts (classic physique)

• Sports bra or competition top
• Short compression shorts or competition bottoms
• A bikini

• Heels (for figure only)

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of an individual posing class is $40. 

Please contact me before paying online so that we can set up a schedule for you to come to my gym.  You can pay online HERE.

The class will last about 60 minutes and if you have any additional questions, you can talk more with me afterwards.

If you have been thinking about competing, there is no better time to start the process than now.

Preparation is one of the most important keys to success.  You will be royally exposed on stage if you are not prepared.

Where Will The Posing Class Take Place?

The posing class will take place at my gym.  The address is:

The Fitman Performance Center
1518 Easton Rd. Unit #10
Roslyn, PA. 19001

I Am Thinking About Competing In The Future.  Can I Do A Posing Lesson?


My posing class is for all levels of natural bodybuilders and figure competitors.

Every competitor who contacts me is at various levels of their physique development.

You might be inspired to catch someone who is currently better than you.  Or your current physique may inspire someone to step their game up!

Check out the photos below to see a few members of The Fit Team on stage!

If you would like to participate in the Fitman Performance posing and contest prep workshop I ask that you please fill out the questionnaire below.

If you have specific questions call or text The Center at 267-460-1790.  

Please fill out our questionnaire.

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