Hey, everybody, it is Motivational Monday!

Everyone has the ability to be great stored deep inside of them.  The problem is that most folks never come close to unleashing it.

There are 2 key principles when it comes to unleashing your inner greatness.  They are:

1)  You have to be willing to take risks

If you never take a risk then you will never achieve greatness.

There is no successful person in music, athletics, or business who was scared to take a risk.

Let’s talk about a real life example of risk taking.

LeBron James had a comfortable situation in Miami.

The Big 3 were successful but LeBron wanted more...

The Big 3 were successful but LeBron wanted more…

He was playing alongside future hall of fame guard Dwayne Wade.  He was playing alongside perennial NBA All-Star Chris Bosh.  Not only were they his teammates but they were his friends as well.

They were also a fixture in the NBA Finals for 4 straight seasons.  If you played for Miami, your ticket to the promised land was guaranteed.

LeBron was going to be great no matter what he did in the NBA, but to achieve rare-air status, he had to take a major risk.  That risk was going back home to Cleveland.

Cleveland had completely fallen apart after James left for greener pastures in Miami.  James knew upon his return that the journey would not be easy but, if he could complete the goal of winning an NBA title in Cleveland he would achieve basketball immortality.

In his first season back the Cavs just did not have enough horses to run with Golden State.  They were defeated in 6 games in the NBA Finals.

In the second year, however, James and the Cavs made history by becoming the first team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals.  The Cavs won the series in a dramatic Game 7.

By taking a risk and going back home, James unleashed his inner greatness.  Though he has 2 other NBA titles, they pale in comparison to the way that he obtained his 3rd one.

This week my challenge to you is to take a risk in the gym.

Perform an extra set or 2.

Lift heavier weights.

Do more reps.

Do not put yourself in a situation where you will get hurt but put yourself in a situation where there is a challenge.  You have to take risks to achieve greatness.

Sometimes you will not be successful in taking a risk.  You may fall down.

But we fall so that we can get up again.  Do not limit your life by avoiding risk.

2)  You have to be 100 percent committed to your craft

There are many folks who go to the gym often yet their bodies appear as if they never spent much time in the gym at all.

Year after year, they faithfully continue to show up, but the changes they were expecting to occur are not even on the horizon.

When your commitment to real changes is low it does not matter how many times you show up.  Your lack of commitment will not allow your body to reap the benefits of training.

If you want to build a respectable physique, then you are going to have to make a true commitment to doing so.

This means training on days when you do not want to train.

This means choosing the proper meals even when you want pure junk food.

This means performing exercises that you absolutely hate.

True commitment is not easy but it is necessary to attain greatness.

Become a student of your craft or goal and become committed to it.  Once you are locked in and focused on your goal there is nothing that can stop you from being successful.

I want to personally thank you for following Motivational Monday Volume 1.  Over the last 21 weeks, I have had the great pleasure to motivate, inspire, and educate you all on the steps that will lead you to success.

We are going to take a break from all-new content on Motivational Monday.  Please check out the previous episodes to stay inspired about reaching your goals.

I’ll holla at you next time.

The People’s Trainer,