Hey, everybody, it is Motivational Monday!

The “fight of the century” took place this previous weekend between boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. and MMA superstar Conor McGregor.

Mayweather, who is undefeated and a future boxing Hall of Famer, unsurprisingly defeated (TKO 10th) a game McGregor, who crossed over from the world of mixed martial arts to face Mayweather in the squared circle.

After a surprisingly decent start mainly due to Mayweather feeling him out, McGregor ran out of gas and was completely spent by the 10th round.  He was taking repetitive power punches from Mayweather and the referee appropriately stopped the fight.

Boxing stamina and MMA stamina are two different animals.

Despite Mayweather having not fought in 2 years, being 40 years old and past his prime, he still had enough to convincingly handle McGregor.

McGregor was at a massive disadvantage in this fight.  Though he is a master in the discipline of mixed martial arts, Mayweather is the master when it comes to boxing.

McGregor’s previous boxing experience was very limited but he did not disappoint.  He came to dance to the best of his ability.

I do not want to get into all of the hype that preceded this fight.  Hype sells fights and based on the numbers of Mayweather/McGregor it sold plenty.

The goal of this article is to give your mind a different perspective of the fight.


Though Mayweather predictably and decidedly dominated McGregor, it was Conor who won.

He did not win the fight by knocking out Mayweather.

He did not win the fight by decision over Mayweather.

He won because he took a RISK.

To the average person, boxing and MMA may seem very similar, but any expert or observer of combat sports knows that the disciplines have vast differences.

For an MMA fighter to challenge the world’s best pound for pound boxer is insane.

For an MMA fighter to get the deal signed to fight is more insane.

For an MMA fighter to cross over into a totally different sport is very insane.

For an MMA fighter to even last 10 rounds with the best boxer in the world is beyond insane.

McGregor did all of these things!

This would be akin to Lebron James entering the NFL after limited training and expecting to be on par with Julio Jones at the wide receiver position.

It just could not instantly happen no matter how gifted of an athlete Lebron is.  Skill is very specific to what you do daily.


McGregor’s risk will pay off in multiple ways.

He will make an absolutely ridiculous amount of money for this fight.  Substantially more than he ever has made in his UFC career.

His brand is now more globally known as boxing against Mayweather is guaranteed to bring you much more notoriety.

He has earned the admiration of other athletes who have no choice but to respect McGregor.  He had the heart to do this fight despite being outclassed and losing by TKO.

I did not know much about Conor McGregor previous to this, but he has definitely earned my respect as an athlete.

He had nothing to lose and everything to gain from fighting Mayweather.


McGregor took a major risk.  But the real question is when is the last time you took a risk?

When is the last time you went all in towards your dreams?

When is the last time you actually followed through on a plan to reach your goal?

When is the last time you truly believed in your ability to succeed?

When is the last time you accepted a challenge knowing there was a high chance you would lose?

When is the last time you existed outside of your comfort zone?

When is the last time you did not give into naysayers saying you are crazy for chasing your dreams?

The only way to get the reward is to take the risk.  Risk is a necessary component for success.

The idea of creating Fitman Performance Training, LLC was a risk.

It was a risk, but it came with major rewards…

Competing in bodybuilding was a risk.

Auditioning for Men’s Health Next Top Trainer was a risk.

Opening The Center was a risk.

Returning to the sprint game at the of age 33, after 11 years away from competition on the track was a risk.

But taking these risks have allowed me to reap the rewards.  If I would have run from these challenges, then I would not be here today helping you unleash your inner greatness.  Who knows where I would be…

What is your Mayweather?  It could be starting a business, finding a mate, or building your physique.

Whether you win or lose, you ultimately win by taking the risk and experiencing new growth.

McGregor did.  And he won.

I’ll holla at you next time.

The People’s Trainer,