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One of the least understood concepts in the training game is how to get better at a specific exercise or movement.

I’ll hear things like “Well, in order for me to sprint faster in the 100m and attain my maximum speed, I’m going to focus on lifting.”

Or “Well, in order for me to sprint faster in the 100m and attain my maximum speed I am going to perform high rep tempo runs with short recoveries.”

Is that really your plan to get faster?

Lifting weights have allowed sprinters to get stronger and build more muscle.  There is nothing better for you when it comes to developing a supremely performing, eye-catching physique.

But lifting is not the best way to get faster.

Getting stronger in the weight room will help with how strong and injury-resistant your body is.  But let me tell you that the strongest athlete is not necessarily the fastest one.

How many powerlifters and bodybuilders have you seen lining up in the 100m recently?  I’m still looking.

I promise you that the great Usain Bolt cannot return 315lbs from the bucket in a squat, but he is still the fastest man of all time.

Tempo runs are great for building a base.  They are also great for improving your overall conditioning and losing body fat.

But tempo runs will not allow you to develop your maximum speed.

Lifting is another important part to the overall development of a sprinter.

But when it comes to how to sprint faster the main movement he or she should be doing is the one that will lead to the best results in terms of speed and performance.

To get good at the thing, you have to do the dang thing.

Find out what movement will get you faster and more powerful in the video above.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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