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How often should you sprint to get faster?

When it comes to training many folks always assume more is better.

I’ve heard trainees talk about training 7 days per week in order to reach their goals.  Admirable, but terribly mistaken.

You do not need to train every day.  You grow in training when you are resting and those recovery days cannot be overlooked.

The ideal training split for good to great results is 3-5 training days per week.

This assumes you are following a progressive strength/conditioning program and not just showing up at the gym to take selfies or wasting time in the “cardio” section.

When it comes to sprinting, the frequency is even less than with lifting.

Because speed training is so taxing on your central nervous system, you have to know how to balance how frequently you can actually perform sprint workouts.

Muscular fatigue is one thing, but very few things in training feel as bad as central nervous system fatigue.

Imagine walking onto the track and feeling like you have a 100lb weighted vest strapped to your body.

Your movement feels sluggish and even though you may try, you just cannot create any of the power that is necessary for speed work.

Overall you feel like Superman when exposed to that green rock.

Performing training that taxes the central nervous system too often without adequate recovery will lead you down this dark road.  You will feel as if you are in a deep malaise when this happens.

I have been in this state and I do everything I can to avoid it by any means necessary.


As a younger sprinter, I would have tried to train through the malaise but ultimately it always made it worse.

As an older and smarter veteran of the track game, I know when to let my foot off the gas before I drive completely off the edge.

Sprinting must be performed at the proper frequency in order to avoid feeling run down.

Less can be more.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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