You can order a doorway pull-up bar online (if you can currently find one) to do chin-ups at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chin-ups work the muscles of your back harder than any other exercise.

Chins are also the alpha lion of all back movements in the iron game.

Barbell and dumbbell rows are right up there, but if I only had one to choose, it would be the chin-up.

With that being said, a lot of lifters and athletes also struggle mightily with chins.

Would you like to know the main reason why?  They avoid them like the Michelin Man avoids the gym.

Chin-Ups Are Hard Work

So I was the yellow coward in the gym who used to avoid chin-ups.  It showed up when I would turn to the side and completely disappear.

And I didn’t do chin-ups for the same exact reasons that most lifters avoid them: they are hard work and they expose you.

You see any lifter can load up the lat pulldown and start pulling the weight with horrendous form.  It is the definition of fake hustle.

I used to do a good amount of lat pulldowns (with good form) during that my early gym days.  But I did not get anywhere close to the results that I wanted.

However, my lack of real results in the late 2000s started to bother me.  I thought I was training hard, but I did not have the numbers or the physique to show for it.

My failure to produce the body I wanted was my turning point.  I committed to doing chins at almost every upper body workout from 2009-now.

In 2012, I paired the chin-ups with dips to create the ultimate upper body workout.  I built more muscle in my upper body than I ever had.

You have to embrace doing the consistent hard work and being exposed in order to reach your goals.

My Gym Is Locked Down.  Can I Do Chins At Home?

During this pandemic most of the gyms in America have been locked down.

But even with the gym closed, you could still have access to doing chin-ups at home if you have a doorway pull-up bar.

Unfortunately there is currently a problem with that.

The classic Iron Gym a.k.a. the doorway pull-up bar has been selling out like a Jordan-era Chicago Bulls game.  COVID-19 has made the fitness equipment business boom!

And unfortunately the doorway pull-up bars that are for sale are either marked way up in price, temporarily unavailable, or on back-order until late June or July.

If you have a doorway chinning bar at home, you are ahead of the game right now.

How To Make Chin-Ups Easier

Chin-ups are real work.  But they will feel a bit easier if you change your technique.

Most lifters try to do the chin-up by pulling themselves up to the bar.

There is nothing wrong with this technique as it is the standard way of doing the move.

But you will pull with significantly more power if you try to pull the chinning bar to your chest.

The power you will produce in your back and biceps will be much higher than it would be with the standard technique.

You will also feel this chin-ups variation working the muscles of your back harder.

Sample Upper Body Workout

You can use this RP-21 workout to build a supremely strong and muscular upper body.  Learn about my RP-21 Training System here.

Sample Training Split

Sunday: OFF
Monday: Chin-Ups and Dips
Tuesday: Lower Body
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Upper Body and Sprinting
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Lower Body and Sprinting

Home Chins And Push-Ups Workout

1) Chin-Ups SS Push Ups to 50/100 reps
-take as many sets as needed for you to reach 50 reps in the chin-up and 100 reps in the push-up

-rest 30-60 seconds between moves and then 1-2 minutes between sets

Chins And Dips Workout

If you own a dip station and some dumbbells/plates, you can do this workout at home.

1) Weighted Chin-Ups SS Weighted Dips 7 x 3 
-rest 30 seconds between moves and then one minute between sets

2) Weighted Chin-Ups SS Weighted Dips 6 x 5 
-rest 30 seconds between moves and then one minute between sets

3) Chin-Ups SS Dips 2 x 12 or failure
-rest 30 seconds between moves and then one minute between sets


• If you are currently as weak as Mr. Burns, order some bands to assist you on the chins and dips until you get strong.
• Order a chinning belt because you will need it as progress and get stronger.


You can make chin-ups easier by changing your mindset about how you approach the movement.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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